Want the best USB-C hub for Windows? 6 great picks with multiple connectivity

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USB-C hub Windows

The use of multiple devices has brought with it an increased need for more power and connection ports, not just for devices like your phone or tablet, but also hardware like keyboards, mice, and printers.

For such a demanding task, there is need for either more cables to connect each device or hardware, or you can simply get one hub to manage all these and keep your work space free from clutter.

This is why USB hubs were created – to extend your system’s functionality to cater for multiple connections for USB-compatible devices, and hasten the share and transfer of files from these devices through expanded USB slots.

If you’ve noticed, most modern computers and laptops come with a very limited number of ports, at most two, and if you’re lucky, three.

One of these is a USB-C port, which is increasingly taking over from its type-A and type-B predecessors.

For you to effectively operate all your devices and hardware simultaneously, without the need for many cables and still do your work, you need the best USB-C hub for Windows.

Our top picks for the best USB-C hub for Windows are described in this article, and these meet more than just the need to power up your devices.

USB-C hubs for Windows

  1. Letscom
  2. CharJenPro
  3. Anker
  4. Astronia
  5. Letscom
  6. Dodocool

1. Letscom

best USB-C hub for Windows

Letscom is one of the big names you’ll come across while looking for the best USB-C hub for Windows.

This particular one is a 6-in-1 USB-C hub with which you can expand your computer’s ports as it comes with a USB-C port (only for data transfer, not video output or charging), 2 USB 3.0 type-A ports, an SD and TF card slot. The type-A port on this hub supports a charging output of up to DC5V/900mAh but isn’t recommended for charging.

Features include PowerDelivery and data transfer, all at the same time so you can charge your computer while connecting all peripherals for transferring your files. It also has a sleek and slim aluminum, alloy design, plus it is about the size of a chocolate bar, so it is very compact and portable.

It is also plug and play so there’s no need for any software, drivers, or complicated installation – it is ready to go soon as you get it.

For the best performance, however, the devices you connect to this hub shouldn’t exceed a total current of 900mA, otherwise the current may become unstable or get disconnected. Check the current on your devices before connecting to the hub.

It comes in silver and gray colors.

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2. CharJenPro

best USB-C hub for Windows

This is a premium multi-port hub or adapter that works for all laptops and USB-C ports, making it not just ideal, but the best USB-C hub for Windows you can get in the market.

It has an array of 7 connectivity ports, with a HDMI port that supports up to 4K video output, three USB 3.0 (3.1 gen 1), SD and micro SD card reader slots, USB-C PowerDelivery port, all in a sleek, slim metal body construction.

Like most USB-C hubs, this one is also plug and play so you don’t need any installation for software or updates. However, the PowerDelivery port must be plugged in if more than 1 high powered device is connected to the hub.

If you have any issues with this gadget, you can easily get tech support from the CharJenPro customer care team, which takes utmost pride and care in everything they do, including the engineering, design and packaging of the product.

This hub compliments your laptop or computer to streamline a consistent design language throughout your workspace.

Note: it can only support one external hard drive at a time due to power requirements.

It comes in Rose Gold, Silver and Gray colors.

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3. Anker

best USB-C hub for Windows

This is one of the top names as well in the tech gadget industry.

When looking for the best USB-C hub for Windows, it pops up with amazing reviews from its many users.

With this hub, you can expect USB-C compatibility with the latest computers and devices that have type-C ports, get extra ports by turning one USB-C port into 4 USB 3.0 ports, super speed data of up to 5Gbps (you can easily transfer an HD movie in seconds), a sleek and ultra-compact aluminum design, plus an 18-month warranty with friendly customer service.

Enjoy faster and safer charging due to Anker’s advanced technology. It is also compatible with Windows XP or higher versions.

Note: for a stable connection, avoid using high power consumption devices with this hub such as external hard drives. It may also not support 2.4GHz wireless devices, MIDI devices, and some USB 3.0 devices.

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4. Astronia

best USB-C hub for Windows

This bus-powered USB-C hub comes in a stylish design with advanced heat management, and multi-system support plus a high strength cable for additional durability.

Other features include support for hot-swapping and multi-platform, plug and play, HDMI port for maximum resolution so you can mirror your laptop display to a HDMI-enabled device, SD/TF and micro SD slot, and 3 USB 3.0 ports with up to 5Gbps transfer speeds, and to top it up, you get a high speed RJ45 Ethernet port.

This is the best USB-C hub for Windows that lets you quickly upload or download your digital media files, connect external storage and other hardware devices such as your keyboard, mouse, optical driver or headsets and many others.

It also has a PowerDelivery port for charging laptops and other devices, while transmitting data at the same time. Each of its ports support over-current protection so your computer and devices as well as the hub are kept safe from power surges.

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5. Letscom 8-in-1

best USB-C hub for Windows

From the image, this hub looks like a Swiss Army knife, and it actually is, but for your computer and devices.

This 8-in-1 USB-C hub, also expands computer ports into an HDMI output port, Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port, USB-C charging port, two USB 3.0 PORTS, one USB 2.0 port, and an SD/TF card slot – everything in one place.

It is slim, compact, and portable so it can fit in your bag when you’re traveling or commuting. It’s also plug and play so there’s no need for software installations before using it – it is ready to use once you get it.

For a stable connection, avoid using it with high power devices such as an external hard drive. Its USB-C female port is for charging USB-C laptops with ports that support USB PowerDelivery, so it doesn’t support data transfer.

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6. Dodocool

best USB-C hub for Windows

This is a 6-in-1 USB-C hub that can extend into three super speed USB 3.0 ports, one USB PowerDelivery type-C charging port, one HD output port, one RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port, without the need for driver installations so it is plug and play.

It also supports hot swapping, and you can connect up to 3 USB-A peripherals and transfer data with up to 5Gbps speed.

If you need a HD video adapter, you can use it to extend the display of your laptop to your monitor, projector or TV in up to 4K UHD resolution using the HD output port.

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Factors to consider when looking for the best USB-C hub for Windows

Unlike the usual USB-A and USB-B ports found on most PCs and laptops, the USB-C port is gaining more popularity because it enables faster data transmission, and quick charge for different devices.

When it comes to a USB hub, most users look for the following:

  • Ports that work whenever anything is plugged into them (and an indicator that shows they’re working)
  • Well-arranged ports that keep the desk organized and do not suck up much space
  • Minimum of three data ports
  • Speeds that do not drop off
  • Multiple functionality such as USB type A or B ports, Gigabit Ethernet adaptability, and ability to power itself (that is the hub should be a powered hub as this means it has higher power supply for all your devices and hardware)
  • A good price

It is important to note that not all devices can run from USB hubs, so you’ll have to plug it directly to your laptop’s ports. However, your laptop will give you a warning message prompt in such a case, and recommend what to do when this happens.

Like a Swiss Army knife, a multi-port hub has several extended ports that offer a variety of functions to help you fulfill tasks such as:

  • Charging your phone
  • Fast data transfer
  • Charging your laptop (if you have a type-C connector)
  • Connect hardware such as your keyboard, mouse, flash drive or hard disk
  • Stream HDTV using the HDMI port
  • Read SD and Micro SD memory cards

The compact design of multi-port USB hubs effectively take up little desk space, and support high power devices, when connected to an external power source.

Have you found the best USB-C hub for Windows from these six? Let us know your favorite pick, or if you’re using one that you feel should make the list, let us know by leaving us a comment in the section below.