Best USB-C adapters for your devices [2021 Guide]

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USB-C wall adapter to charge your gadgets

There’s no way you can get away from wall adapters in this day and age, whether you have USB cables or other ways of powering up your devices.

USB-C wall adapters or chargers are always good to have around, as they come with a myriad of benefits, most of which cannot be delivered by cables.

The introduction of the type C connector and port has also come with many advantages including fast speeds and power supply to your devices.

With the best USB-C wall adapters then, it means you also enjoy the advantages of wall adapters such as more electrical current supplied to your devices, convenience when you have limited number of ports, durability, and its design complements that of your office or home.

So you’ll never go wrong by having one. This article looks at the best USB-C wall adapters which you can get this season.

Best USB-C wall adapter deals to get

  1. Ceptics
  2. Choetech
  3. Anker
  4. ZeroLemon
  5. Choetech
  6. Anker
  7. iClever
  8. Insignia

1. Ceptics USB-C wall adapter

best USB-C wall adapters

Designed in the USA, this is among the best USB-C wall adapters judging by user reviews and ratings.

Features include a compact size, international output type C plug compatible in most European countries among 80 other countries globally, a limited lifetime warranty, and 3-in-1 input that accepts the standard North American 2 or 3 prong flat pin plug.

It has dual USB ports, and a no-mess universal outlet, charging up to 2.4A, and is ideal for different devices and other chargers.

However, it is only compatible with dual voltage electronics, as it is not a voltage converter so you won’t be able to convert from 220V to 110V and vice versa. Ensure your device supports 100-240V if traveling overseas so as to use this adapter.

2. Choetech USB-C wall adapter

best USB-C wall adapters

This brand touts itself as the pioneer among the best USB-C wall adapters in the charging revolution.

It is designed with advanced technology for the fastest charging speed globally, useful for charging needs around the home, office, or as you travel.

Features include a reliable and reversible design with a special reversible type C plug so you can insert it either way easily, freeing you from trying to figure out which is the correct side, plus an 18-months warranty, with friendly customer service.

It is designed with advanced technology to provide over-current, overheating, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, with safe charging.

Note: this wall adapter’s maximum output is 5V 3A (15W), so don’t use it with 29W devices or docking stations.

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3. Anker USB-C wall adapter

best USB-C wall adapters

Anker is one of the top brands with the best USB-C wall adapters in the market.

It comes with the well-known Anker advantage where you get to join more than 10 million other users powered by this USB charging brand.

This wall adapter comes with fast charging technology at top speeds owing to its Power Delivery port, and PowerIQ which intelligently recognizes your device and boosts charging speed up to 2.4A per port.

It comes with 5 ports – 1 type C port with Power Delivery, and 4 standard USB ports with PowerIQ for simultaneous multi-device charging at high speeds. These ports are embedded in an aluminum plate, giving PowerPort+ a premium look and feel.

Protect your devices from power surges and high temperatures with Anker adapter’s MultiProtect safety system.

4. ZeroLemon USB-C wall adapter

best USB-C wall adapters

This USB-C wall adapter comes with four smart ports – 1 type C and 1 type-A, while the other two are standard USB-A ports, with a built-in intelligent chip for multi-device charging at high speeds.

It has fast charging technology from the PD/QC 3.0 port that is compatible with most devices, certified safety for 100 percent protection, and intelligent design for overvoltage protection, overcurrent and over temperature protection, short circuits protection, and under-voltage protection so you need not worry about anything when charging.

The advantage is it is compact, portable, lightweight, and has a smart LED indicator to show the charging status intelligently.

It is ideal for AC 100-240V input as you travel or carry it around, backed by a 24-months warranty.

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