USB encryption tools

Let’s discuss a bit about why we need to encrypt a USB flash drive. These devices are very useful when we need to transfer data. You can use them to save confidential data, if you use a public computer for example.

Another great thing about USB sticks is that they are small, easy to carry and store. But all these advantages also bring a highly risk of accidentally losing them. Losing a USB flash drive is worrisome. Both because you lose significant data, but also because someone else might have access to your most confidential information.

Sadly, you cannot password protect your entire USB flash drive, like you secure your PC or phone. You can invest in an encrypted flash drive with hardware encryption. Or you can use software to achieve a similar level of USB data protection.

Still, you need to take into account the fact than someday you will need to decrypt the data in order to access it. If you use the USB stick on your computer only, the encryption software will be already installed. But if you need to transport files between computers, there will be an issue with the encryption tool.

The easiest way is to store the software on the USB flash drive. Partition the USB stick, encrypt a division of it. Store the program on the partition that it is not encrypted. This way you can use to decrypt the files on any computer by running the software directly from the stick.

Still, you will need to make sure that the encryption program is compatible with the operating system of the computer.

What is the best USB encryption software to use?


VeraCrypt portable

VeraCrypt is an updated and improved version of TrueCrypt. Using 3 different encryption algorithm such as AES 256-BIT, TwoFish, and Serpent, VeraCrypt has been developed to fix many of the security issues in TrueCrypt.

You can run the portable application directly from the USB stick. And it is completely free to use if you utilize it for drive sizes of maximum 2GB. Still, some users report that managing Veracypt can be a bit difficult.

Veracypt is a great tool for partitions, entire drives and external store devices. It works by creating password protected virtual disk volumes. You just plug in the USB flash drive and launch VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard. You can choose by creating a volume or encrypting the entire memory stick.

You can have access to the encrypted files only by entering a password through VeraCrypt. The tool is available in 37 languages.
Download the portable app here.

Download Veracypt



Just as Veracrypt, this program does not require installation and works without administrator rights. You still have to run an .exe file from the USB stick. This will launch a command prompt and a browser window. Just enter a password and select Create to install the Safe Zone.

Once it is built up, it works like an encrypted safe box on the memory stick. You simply copy your files there and they are automatically encrypted.

There is something particular about this program. The encrypted files with SecurStick are available for computers operating Windows, Mac OS and Linux. But if you are reading this article, you are probably interested in USB encryption software on Windows 10. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning this piece of information.

The download page and documentation is in German, but the interface is available in English, Dutch, German and Italian.

Download SecurStick


ENC DataVault (EncryptStick)

This is another software that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. And just like the two software above, you do not have to install the program on the computer. When you set up the encryption on the USB memory stick, you actually install a portable vault that secures your files. The version for the computer has more features than the portable version.

ENC DataVault is not a free software. It costs $14.99 for a license to install the program on 3 devices, including a computer. But the 14 days’ trial version is free.The support section of the ENC Security site refers mostly to Windows and Mac OS.

There are some issues with the Linux implementation of the software. However, transferring files between Windows and Mac OS is an important asset.

Download ENC DataVault

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USB Secure

USB Secure is developed by the same company as Folder Lock ( It has been designed to serve the basic purpose of encrypting USB flash drives. With USB Secure, you have the ability to recover your USB stick. You can save your contact details with the flash drive That way, when somebody finds your USB stick, they can contact you.

Once installed on a USB flash drive, you have access to files on any computer, without running the software. You have 2 options to access your files. You can unlock them or you just access them in a virtual drive. That comes handy when the USB stick is accidentally unplugged. The interface’s pattern is of a classic USB stick. USB Secure comes with a detailed user manual.

You can purchase this program for $29.95. However, you can download a trial version that allows you to use the program for 3 times, here.

Download USB Secure


USB Flash Security

This software works as well with AES 256-BIT encryption. It encrypts the entire USB flash drive except a part on which it stores the program. The encrypted files are hidden and you can access them, by running the program directly from the memory stick. This way, you do not need to install the software on the computer.

Pay attention to the files that you have already stored on the USB flash drive. USB Flash Security software wipes all your files when setting up.

There are several option for buying this program (from $9.99 to $49.99). However, you can try out the free version which is limited to one USB flash drive with a maximum drive size of 4 GB.

Download USB Flash Security

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Rohos Disk / Rohos Mini Drive

This two software solutions are products of the company SafeJKA S.R.L. (former Tesline-Service). Rodos Disk is an encryption solution for your computers’ drive as well as USB memory stick and external hard-drive. Meanwhile, Rohos Mini Drive is designed exclusively for encrypting of USB flash drive.

Both programs create 2 partition on the memory stick: a hidden one and an open one. Into the open partition you have to store Rohos Disk Browser tool from your desktop. This way, you can access to your encrypted files on any computer, without administrator rights.

Rohos Mini Drive is freeware, but limited up to 8GB drive store. Rodos Disk Encryption is available in 2 versions. The cheapest is $39. However, you have a 30-day free trial version.

Download Rohos USB encryption tool



LybreCrypt is another freeware, that used to be named DoxBox. There are no drive size limits and you can encrypt as many USB flash drive as you need. The program can run only on Windows. Yet, the files that you have encrypted, can be also transferred to Linux operating system computer.

This program comes in 2 editions. One developed to run on a desktop and create a vault on your USB stick, called DoxBox.

The other edition is designed to make the encrypted files available on any computer, without installing the software. LibraCrypt works with 3 different encryption algorithms : AES, Twofish and Serpent.

Download LibreCrypt

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USBCrypt is another software designed for Windows that protects files on removable devices. It can encrypt also other drives connected through eSATA or FireWire.

The tool encrypts USB memory flash drives using AES algorithm as many other software presented in this article do. It creates a password-protected Virtual Encrypted Disk. It comes with a detailed user guide as well as with screenshots.

You have 3 options for purchasing this program. The cheapest is $49.99- the Personal license that you can use on to 2 computers. However, the trial version of USBCrypt comes with a 30-days free license of full use.

Download USBCrypt


Gilisoft USB Encryption

Gilisoft USB Encryption is another solution for protecting your USB stick. As well as the other programs above, it uses the AES 256 algorithm for encryption. Featuring an accessible interface, Gilisoft USB Encryption is a quite simple-to-use program.

It’s suitable for all types of users with or without experience around computers. But also, it does not have too many additional options, serving the primary purpose of USB encryption.

This software is not free. The original price is $49.95. Mixed with other Gilisoft encryption products, you may get a better offer per software.

Nonetheless, the company recommends users to download a free version of the program prior to purchasing. In this manner you can test the tool to see if it offers all the features that you need. The disadvantage is that the no-cost version is limited to 10 times usage.

Download Gilisoft USB Encryption

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Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault

This software uses the same AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. What makes a difference is the fact that is available for Windows, Android and Mac operating systems.

The USB encryption version works for USB memory sticks and other USB devices (memory cards, external HDD). One it is set up, you simply have to drag-and-drop the files into the Vault and they are automatically encrypted.

Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault is not free, but the price ($24.95) is rather accessible then other similar paid products.

Download Kruptos 2 and enjoy a 30-days trial version.


Idoo USB Encryption

Idoo USB Encryption is fairly easy to use and there is an online screenshots help manual. This program can create a safe area and a public are on your USB memory stick. You need to provide a password to disclose the safe area. And you can access the USB encrypted files on any computer, without having to install the program.

The password recovery is a useful feature. However, some users report this can be a bit worrisome sometimes. The password is sent in plain text to the email address provided. This indicates that the password for the users encrypted files is stored on some Idoo servers.

According to the number of license you are buying, there are a few option for purchasing idoo USB Encryption. For 1 license, the price is $30. You can try out a free version limited to 30 uses.

Download Idoo USB Encryption.



EasyLock is actually a complex encryption program. You can use it to encrypt local computer folders, USB storage devices and even files uploaded to cloud services .With a lot of features, it secures the files copied on a USB storage device. And protects those file with AES 256bits mode encryption.

With EasyLock, confidential data can safely be transferred on encrypted USB memory sticks. Then access it on any computers, by providing the correct password. Easy Lock is available for Windows and Mac Os operating systems.
The price for usage on one device or computer is $16.99, without VAT.

Download EasyLock


USB memory sticks are essential for storing and transferring important files. Cloud storage is a great alternative, but there are users who prefer to use a physical storage device.

In conclusion, keep your data secures by running one of the USB encryption software listed above.