3 Ways to Fix Opera’s Video Pop Out When it’s Not Working

by Kazim Ali Alvi
Kazim Ali Alvi
Kazim Ali Alvi
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  • When video pop out is not working in Opera, it's generally a bug in the installed version, or installed extensions and applications to blame.
  • To fix the error, install the latest version of the browser, or try the other methods here.
  • Also, find out how to pop out a video in Opera GX.
Fix video pop out in opera is not working
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Video popout is a great feature on web browsers that allows users to watch videos in a small player while simultaneously performing other tasks on the computer. But, many reported that video pop-out in Opera is not working.

Opera is one of the preferred browsers for users owing to various benefits including the built-in VPN and the low resource consumption. But there isn’t much information available on the video popout error.

So, let’s find out all there’s to video pop out in Opera and the solutions if it’s not working on your computer.

How do you pop out a video on Opera?

  1. Open any video that you would like to pop out, and click on the Detach video icon at the top.Detach video to fix video pop out opera not working
  2. The video will instantly play in a pop-out player while the original playback screen will turn black, and read Playing in picture-in-picture.pop out player

You can easily pop out a video in Opera if the option for it appears. But, remember that the option may be missing on certain websites, though all the major ones will have it.

Why is my video pop out not working?

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This is particularly due to a problem with the installed version of Opera. The feature was released a couple of years ago and has been receiving regular updates to make it work seamlessly across websites.

Other than that, it could be a problem with the applications running on the computer or an installed extension on Opera. So, make sure to check for these, and terminate or uninstall the conflicting ones.

Let’s now walk you through the fixes if the video pop out is not working in Opera.

What can I do if video pop out won’t work in Opera?

1. Check if you are trying to use it over a full-screen application

Though the Opera video pop-out should always be on top, it wouldn’t work if you were trying to use it over a full-screen application, for instance, a game. In this case, you can configure the game settings to launch it in Windowed mode.

Once done, check if things start running. In case, Opera picture-in-picture is still not working, try the solution listed next

2. Re-enable video pop out in Opera

  1. Launch the browser, and click on the Opera icon at the top-left corner.Opera
  2. Click on Settings.Settings to fix video pop out opera not working
  3. Click on Advanced and then Features under it.features
  4. Now, locate the Video pop out entry, and turn off the toggle for Enable video pop out.Disable
  5. Wait for a few seconds, and then again turn on the Enable video pop out toggle.Enable to fix video pop out opera not working

Oftentimes, Opera is unable to detect that the video pop out feature is enabled due to a glitch and is therefore not working. Simply re-enabling it should do the trick.

3. Update Opera

  1. Click on the Opera icon, and select Update & Recovery from the menu.Update & Recovery to fix video pop out opera not working
  2. The browser will now look for any available newer versions, and if any are found, install them.Wait for update

In most cases, it was a problem with the installed version of Opera, so make sure to update the browser.

How to pop out video in Opera GX?

Opera GX is a gaming-oriented browser developed particularly for the gamers community. It offers features such as limiting the RAM, CPU, and network usage to optimize the performance.

Though the process to pop out a video remains pretty much the same as that for the original Opera browser. All you have to do is open a video, and click on the Detach video icon that appears.

Once the video opens in a popout player, you can resize it or reposition the player. If the video pop out option is missing, just enable the feature in Opera GX Picture-in-Picture settings.

These are all the ways you can fix things if video pop out in Opera is not working. In case the problem persists, try reinstalling the browser.

Also, find out what to do if Opera failed to install on your computer.

Tell us which fix worked for you in the comments section below.

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