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best virtual tour software

If you’re a real estate agent, or you simply want to show someone how a certain location looks like, you might be interested in virtual tour software. These tools can create a virtual environment through which you can navigate with ease.

If you’re looking for such tool, today we’re going to show you the best virtual tour software for your Windows 10 PC.

What is the best virtual tour software for Windows 10?


My360 online property virtual tour software is a great software to build your interactive virtual tours. It’s compatible with any 360-degree camera from Insta360, GoPro, Samsung, LG, Ricoh Theta, and many others. You can even use DSLR images that can be stitched.

With this software, you don’t need to hire professionals because the virtual tour software is very easy to use. Also, they offer a 2 weeks free trial period without any payment details so that you can try it and adjust it to your exact needs.

And even if you still need assistance, a support team is available 7 days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM to guide you through the process using the live chat.

After you start the free trial, you will have to upload your images quickly using the My360 App and create your virtual tour with just a few clicks. Next, you just need to hit the publish button and use the link and embed codes to display your virtual tour on your website, portal, and on social media.

You can easily also add a floor plan to your tour. This way, visitors will see exactly where they are all the time.



With My360 it’s extremely easy to make your own virtual tour by using any 360 camera.

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With iStaging it’s even easier to create your own virtual tours because you don’t even need to use a 3D camera, you can make everything with your phone.

Actually, iStaging is not just an application, it’s a platform where you get to work with more solutions that will get you to the perfect result. For instance, you can start with the VR Maker app that will transform your smartphone into a 360 camera.

The catch here is to get the iStaging motorized support for smartphones that will automatically turn your phone to get the perfect 3D shots. The app captures up to 16 photos, which are then instantly and automatically stitched and will result in awesome panoramas. 

To create your virtual tour there is the VR Editor app. With this tool you will be able to put together the panoramas, build the floor plan and even brand it if you desire.

After you finish, you can, of course, embed the tour on a website or portal.



It’s realy easy and pleasant to create virtual tours with iStaging, having dedicated apps and using only your phone.

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This is a professional virtual tour software that allows you to create realistic 360-degree presentations. The application allows you to create a virtual tour in Flash or in HTML5 format.

Regarding the supported features, there’s Google / Bing map available that will show you the location and directions while viewing the presentation. We have to mention that Bing map works only with Flash tours while Google Maps work with HTML5 tour.

The application allows you to add multimedia elements such as voice narration and text to all your virtual tours. Tourweaver also supports interactivity, and you can add buttons and hotspots to your tours, thus making them interactive.

The application also supports multiple scenes, and each scene is represented by a thumbnail. As a result, you can easily navigate to the desired scene.

Tourweaver also supports 3D models and you can add them to your virtual tours with ease. There are few limitations though, and you can only use models in 3ds format. In addition, 3D models are only available in Flash tours.

Regarding the virtual tours, you can host them online and share them easily on Facebook. In addition, you can save your virtual tour locally as an exe file and send it to your clients.

You can also save the tour in HTML5 format that will work on any mobile device. If you want, you can even create a local app of your virtual tour and run in on Android or iOS devices.

3DVista Virtual Tour

If you’re looking for professional virtual tour software, we have to recommend 3DVista Virtual Tour. This application allows you to create interactive tours simply by using a set of pictures.

This software offers great compatibility, and all your tours are compatible with any computer, tablet, and Android or iOS device.

There are two versions of this tool available, and Standard version is perfect for amateurs or first-time users. If you’re an advanced user or a professional, you might want to consider using the Pro version.

In addition, you can also export your tour to your local hard drive. This allows you to copy it to a USB flash drive or to send it via email.

This application is simple to use, and you don’t need to have any programming skills in order to create impressive virtual tours. 3DVista Virtual Tour has a simple user interface, so it will be perfect for first-time users.

It’s worth mentioning that 3DVista Virtual Tour can also optimize your tours for mobile devices. By using this feature you’ll create a smaller version of the virtual tour that will preserve the bandwidth of mobile users.

The application works with all kinds of cameras and lenses, which is also a major plus. However, if you want to achieve the best results, we advise you to use wide angle lens, fisheye lens or one shot lens. In order to create interactive tours, the application will use automatic control points detection feature.

This feature allows you to easily merge your pictures automatically. In addition, you can edit and create your own control points in order to get the optimal results. The application also supports HDR stitching, and you can combine multiple HDR images and create panoramas with a single click.

3DVista Virtual Tour also supports Live Panorama feature. This feature allows you to create time-lapse panoramas and show how the tour looks like at different times of the day.

The application also has automatic color and exposure correction, so all your photos will be automatically adjusted before you merge them. The application supports 18 types of projections as well as Batch Stitching. This feature is great since it allows you to quickly stitch your panorama and add it to the queue.

3DVista Virtual Tour also supports audio, and you can add different audio files to your virtual tour. You can add natural sounds or voice narration, which can be rather useful.

In addition, you can set the starting point of your panoramas as well as the spinning speed. You can also limit the speed and the zoom level for the users that are interacting with your panorama.

Application also supports hotspots, and you can use hotspots to link two or more panoramas. Of course, you can hide your hotspots and make them appear only if you select them with your mouse. You can also use hotspots to show extra information.

3DVista Virtual Tour is an amazing virtual tour software that will be perfect for professional users. You can download the free trial at any time, but if you want to continue using this tool, you need to purchase a license.

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