5 best VPN tools for playing Smite in 2019

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Smite is a popular online battle arena game which has a huge fan base, the game is free to play and developed by Hi-Rez.

The title was released in 2014 to critical acclaim and is one of the few games to have multiple tournaments with the premier tournament, being the annual smite world championship.

Players are placed into a team of five players with each team on opposite sides of their fountains.

Meanwhile, players are also given 1500 gold to get starter items.

Players choose from gods and immortals classified into different categories, Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior and players can’t choose the same god in a team.

However, Smite players may experience connection problems or lags when connecting to game servers.

This can be resolved by the use of VPN. A Virtual Private Network software helps to resolve these issues by giving secured connection and helping players bypass geo blocks. Looking for the right VPN, read further as we review five of the best VPN for your Smite gaming.

Best VPN tools for Smite


CyberGhost (recommended)

vpn for smiteCyberGhost is popular among gamers as it gives many servers and excellent features that ensure seamless gameplay.

The VPN enables unlimited bandwidth and comes with security measures such as kill switch and DNS leak protection which gives secure gaming.

CyberGhost has fast servers in over 58 countries which give you options to connect to game servers.

Your anonymity is always protected by the triggering of the CyberGhost VPN killswitch by even the slightest internet connection problem.

Also, the multiple protocols support, you can always rely on the strong 256-AES encryption technology.

You can take advantage of CyberGhost money back guarantee to test run their services, with the full package price set at $5 a month billed yearly.

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NordVPN (suggested)

vpn for smiteNordVPN is one of the few VPN which have servers scattered all over the world.

This best VPN for Smite has optimized servers; this enables your connections to be stable and increases performance.

Your security is kept private with the 256-bit military encryption which encrypts your incoming and outgoing data connections.

Smite gamers can also take advantage of its cross-platform compatibility as it is available on Windows and other devices. This means you can play Smite on any device with maximum security and performance.

Furthermore, NordVPN has many subscription plans with each one coming with a 30-day money back guarantee which you can use to check the features before deciding to purchase the full product.

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Conclusively, the best VPN tools for Smite that we listed above will help you have a nice gameplay of Smite and will give your good value for your money.

If you have any experience with any of the VPN software please leave a comment below.


Hotspot Shield

vpn for smiteHotspot Shield has over 500million users which make it among the most used VPN in the world.

This VPN for Smite gives you access to over 1000 servers placed in strategic positions to ensure optimal connections from any region in the world.

If you are in a region with geo blocks, then Hotspot shield is the best VPN for you as the VPN easily bypasses internet blocks.

The VPN for Smite also keeps your IP and user information secure by hiding it and putting their IP instead this keeps you safe from hacks

In addition, Hotspot Shield gives you 30 days back money guarantee for their services, you can use this to test run the features.

Download Hotspot Shield



vpn for smiteExpressVPN is one of the pioneers in the VPN business as they have been around for a while and garnered rave reviews on the quality of their services.

The VPN offers over 1500 servers which give gamers multitude of choices to pick for depending on their geolocation.

Your system is also secured from DDoS attacks as the VPN has a DNS leak protection system to prevent these attacks.

In addition, ExpressVPN offers subscribers a 30 days money back this enables you to sufficiently check other features before purchasing the product.

Download ExpressVPN




vpn for smiteVyprVPN has many servers which contribute to its reliability and quality. The VPN is easy to set with an excellent interface which enables connection with a single click.

Since they own their servers Smite gamers are rest assured of their servers reliability and gameplay is not interrupted with lags.

VyprVPN has a strong privacy policy with their servers secured with 256-bit encryption and they follow a strict no logs policy.

The VPN has decent speeds on their servers and enables a 3-day free trial which you can maximize before paying for the full service.

Download VyprVPN


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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