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A lot of users decide to combine Popcorn Time with the VPN solution, both for the sake of privacy protection and avoidance of geo-restrictions. However, occasionally those two are not on the best of terms and the Popcorn Time just won’t work with the VPN enabled. The reasons may vary, as we’ve seen so many times.

In order to address this, we provided the list of possible solutions below. If you’re having a hard time running VPN and Popcorn Time together, make sure to check them out and give us your feedback.

How to address VPN issues with Popcorn Time

  1. Make sure your VPN supports P2P streaming
  2. Change the server
  3. Restart Popcorn Time and VPN
  4. Disable third-party firewall
  5. Reinstall Popcorn Time

1: Make sure your VPN supports P2P streaming

Now, as you’re well aware, there are so much of VPN solutions nowadays, both free and premium versions. Even though they’re functioning on the same premises, it doesn’t mean that all of them provide the same services. On the contrary, some services, like in this case relevant P2P streaming and torrenting, are not available in every VPN client.

This means that, without the proper support, you won’t be able to use both VPN and Popcorn Time to stream movies or TV shows. So, before we move to additional troubleshooting steps, make sure to check your VPN and confirm that indeed supports this feature.

While we’re there, we can gladly suggest CyberGhost VPN as the preferred weapon of choice. It’s reliable, affordable and it comes with the unlimited bandwidth speeds and a simplistic UI. And did we mentioned P2P service is covered, as well? If you’re willing to give it a test drive for 7 days, follow the link below.

2: Change the server

The first obvious thing you can do is to open your VPN desktop client and try a different location or server. Some countries or ISPs block Popcorn Time streaming so there’s that and not all servers support P2P sharing. Also, even though the chances are gradually smaller, the Popcorn Time client itself might object to certain locations. Don’t forget that some servers are frequently overcrowded, which might slow the performance or even block cyberghost windows 10

For that purpose, we advise you to just free roam through the available servers and find the one which works for you. If even that isn’t sufficient for the issue resolution and the two just won’t work together, make sure to follow the additional steps.

3: Restart Popcorn Time and VPN

Some troubled users managed to resolve the issue at hand by simply changing the start sequence of the two opposed applications. Most of the users will start or have VPN working in the background before they open the Popcorn Time client. For some peculiar reason, this causes issues with the streaming service.

So, basically, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Close both the VPN and Popcorn Time API client.
  2. Open Popcorn Time without the VPN being active.
  3. Select the media file you want to play and, just before the streaming, enable VPN.
  4. Voila, that should do it.

4: Disable third-party firewall

Problems are not always to be found in the troubled conflicting applications. Namely, the same issue might occur due to blockage imposed by the third-party antivirus. Most of the antivirus solutions come in security suits, accompanying various tools including the third-party firewall. And those tend to prevent Popcorn Time from accessing P2P sharing sites from where they acquire the shared media.antivirus blocking vpn

So, what you’ll need to do is to either whitelist the Popcorn Time or disable the third-party firewall and move from there. If you’ve done it already and the problem is still persistent, make sure to continue through the list.

5: Reinstall Popcorn Time

Finally, if none of the previous solutions worked for you, we can only advise reinstalling Popcorn Time as the last resort. The core of the issue might be in the outdated application version, so it’s preferred to acquire the latest available version. The procedure doesn’t differ from any other application, so it shouldn’t take too much time to locate and install the media streaming client on your PC and install it accordingly.

That should do it. In case you have questions or alternative solutions, be so good to share them with us in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.



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