13 Best Laptop Security And Privacy Software in 2023

Make sure your internet experience is safe & manage your data better

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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  • This article keeps you informed about the latest security and privacy software tools for your laptop.
  • The best solutions for being safe online include installing a VPN and using a privacy search engine.
  • Plus, you can take into consideration password management solutions to better manage your online data.
  • If you need to boost your PC security, our handpicked software will clearly give you valuable options for digital privacy.
security and privacy software for laptop

Have you ever opened a site, any actually, and been served with ads that promote products from the same site you visited moments or days back?

Although cookies have a part to play in retargeting or ad stalking if you like, they don’t explain why such ads follow us around from one site to another.

There’s much that goes on in terms of programmatic advertising and your search engine provider.

Nobody likes being stalked or their sensitive data being shared or even sold to third parties who use it for their marketing activities.

This is why privacy software tools step in – to ensure you are safe (even if it’s not 100 percent) from online stalkers, hackers, and threats like viruses and malware.

More so, you may be concerned about visual hacking so you need privacy screen filters solutions to protect your work against such serious scenarios.

Laptop privacy software can be categorized into VPNs, password managers, privacy search engines, privacy browsers, DNS name servers, and spyware removal tools.

We’ll check out some of the best laptop privacy software solutions you can use today by category, so you can cherry-pick which ones you’re ready to use to protect yourself and your data.

What are the best laptop security and privacy software?

Private Internet Access – Reliable kill switch

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great VPN tool to use as it offers what you are looking for – privacy and ease of use.

The first notable thing about PIA is the company’s strict no-logs policy. Use this VPN service and your current geographic location, destination IP address, and online activity will remain private.

Developed by Kape Technologies, a dominant player in security, it lets you pay with Bitcoin if your wish is to stay anonymous.

Keep in mind that Private Internet Access offers native app support for every single popular device platform, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Their apps are simple enough for newbies, yet ideal for power users looking for advanced functionality as well.

It also supports connecting up to ten devices simultaneously. That’s a clear improvement over the industry standard of five.

A quick list of great features PIA brings to the table:

  • Intuitive and fast installation
  • Tested reputation for protecting user privacy
  • Quick access to popular geo-blocked streaming services, like Netflix
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Innovative MACE feature to block ads, malicious websites, and trackers
  • Large server fleet (3200+ servers and still growing)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, so feel free to see if it’s a good fit

Private Internet Access

Top laptop security and privacy software solution to use today.
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CyberGhost – Strict no-logs policy

This is one of the fastest VPN software tools for Windows 10 and is also the best for use with laptops.

It protects your privacy on a multi-platform solution, with features such as 256-bit encryption technology, hiding your IP, and WiFi protection (in public areas).

Also, it offers multiplatform apps for all your devices, security for your online transactions, and conversations, plus access to countless servers in over 80 countries of the world.

The benefits of using this VPN include the highest speeds and ad/malware blocking.

Moreover, you can access restricted content from sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and others, while protecting your laptop and all other devices.

CyberGhost has a strict no-logs policy. Whenever the user connects to one of the servers, not even the CyberGhost knows what you are doing online.

Also, your anonymity is enhanced thanks to an automatic trigger. Even the slightest problem with the Internet connection enables the CyberGhost VPN kill switch.

Cyber Ghost

Assure your computer privacy instantly with this leading VPN protection software.
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NordVPN – Dedicated IP address

As one of the top laptop privacy software tools to use today, this Tefincom & Co., S.A. VPN offers double VPN combinations to encrypt your Internet traffic.

Also, it secures streaming with SmartPlay technology and has CyberSec technology to keep you safe from intrusive ads and malware.

NordVPN has a network of more than 5400 servers in 59 countries worldwide, and the best part is you get a dedicated IP address so you can connect better and have a faster VPN experience.

Your information is protected from hackers and from being served with ads or phony websites.

Additionally, you can use this VPN solution for all personal devices in case you’re a versatile user and need Windows, macOS, or even Linux protection.

Therefore, real Internet privacy is just a click away. NordVPN hides your IP address, so no one else can see which websites you visit or what files you download.


Get rid of annoying ads now and encrypt your online traces with this superior VPN.
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Malwarebytes – High-end encryption

This is the best antimalware protection for your home. If you have a business, you can use it too.

Its features include real-time protection layers like web protection, detection of fingerprinting attempts, and blocking attempts to abuse vulnerabilities.

Also, they include anomaly detection through machine learning, smart technology to break the attack chain, and behavior monitoring, among others.

More so, you can use this software as a next-gen VPN solution and secure your browsing activity with high-end encryption. If you consider this option you will take advantage of powerful Wi-fi connection security and fast-speed internet.

To conclude here, this software covers all security needs with its highest virus detection, cleaning your PC, and protecting you from online scammers all around.


Benefit from unbreakable privacy instantly with this trusted threat-removing program.
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LastPass – Store digital records

LastPass password manager

A password manager is a good laptop privacy software to have in order to stay secure online, especially if you pair it with two-factor authentication.

Most of them work in similar ways, but you need to look out for strong security, an easy user experience, function, and price.

With LastPass, you get end-to-end encryption for your devices in such a way that even the software itself cannot see your passwords.

Moreover, let’s admit that life is happening pretty much online and we need strong password security for the digital area. You can set up your password on auto-pilot and access it whenever you need it.

Hence, you can secure all your data from online shopping, store digital records like memberships plus generate strong and hack-proof passwords.


Carefully protect your sensitive data and loved ones using this password security platform on your PC.
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1Password – Audit function

This password manager lets you store information from your account details, passwords, banking information, and much more, with auto-filling functionality once your details are stored.

It also comes with TouchID which uses your fingerprint for access; this is an added layer of security in itself.

The tool has an audit function that alerts you of weak passwords and gives you stronger replacement options.

In addition, this password manager is trusted by 100.000 businesses due to its powerful security and convenience. You can manage your accounts easily and log in instantly on the web.

Hence this solution represents a real necessity for everyone in terms of managing passwords online, thus don’t second think about it. Secure your web accounts today.


Ensure password management service to safely store your login.
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Hotspot Shield – Premium services

This VPN is one of the best you can use for free, and get premium services like AES 256-bit encryption, zero log policy, plus private access to the Internet, social networks, and video streaming.

Its protocol is patented and integrated by 70 percent of the world’s largest security companies and is a top VPN in performance with thousands of servers globally.

As one of the best laptop privacy software tools, this AnchorFree VPN solution lets you browse safely as it protects your identity and encrypts your data, whether you’re at home or in public.

You can always enjoy secure access to your favorite apps and sites from any location.

Hotspot Shield

Take advantage of this free VPN tool for strong online encryption to always be rested about your data.

OpenDNS – Anti-phishing protection

This is a DNS name server from Cisco whose unique offering features include three tiers of service with varying filtering and security levels and anti-phishing protection.

You can safeguard your family against restricted content thanks to its parental and content filtering options available for every device.

This software makes your internet access even faster because it shortens the routes between every network and its data centers.

With the OpenDNS app, you can block more than seven million malicious areas and IPs while successfully delivering excellent performance.

Get OpenDNS

SuperAntispyware – Full scan

Spyware plants itself in your laptop’s system so as to collect information about you without your knowledge.

It can come in from a software download or email attachment. Then, it steals your browsing data and monitors your keystrokes thus picking up on your passwords and other sensitive information.

Once installed, SuperAntispyware can run a full scan or select what you want to be scanned including zip folders, websites, and even downloads.

It finds and removes malicious content, not just spyware, but also malware, viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, and rootkits.

Get SuperAntispyware

Comodo Secure DNS – Web control access

This name server has no configuration, so you just switch to the service’s primary and backup servers, which are spread across 15 locations.

Therefore, you can optimize your Internet performance based on your location.

It protects you from nasty stuff like phishing campaigns, spyware and malware, and parked domains that have dangerous and numerous ads.

Comodo Secure DNS provides you with web control access, protection, and visibility that help you enjoy a safer and faster internet experience.

Get Comodo Secure DNS

Tor – Easy to use

Tor is a Firefox-based browser that runs on the Tor network and can be used with most major operating systems and laptops.

Its infrastructure is built on hidden relay servers so you can use the Internet with a hidden identity.

This privacy browser is built only for privacy, so it lacks antivirus and antimalware software as part of its build.

With the Tor browser, your identity will remain protected all the time by anonymizing your web traffic using its network.

Get Tor

DuckDuckGo – Simple application

A privacy search engine is free, simple, and doesn’t require you to buy or install anything.

DuckDuckGo protects your searches and stops search leakage so that the sites you visit won’t know what you searched for, and your IP address won’t be sent to the search engine or browser user agent.

The encrypted version also preserves your privacy, plus it has a password-protected cloud save setting so you can create search policies, and sync them across your devices.

DuckDuckGo has a strong policy that doesn’t collect or share any of your personal information so you can browse the internet safely.

Get DuckDuckGo

Oscobo – No traces left behind

This returns search results that are UK-specific, unlike DuckDuckGo, which does this manually.

It doesn’t record your IP address or user data, plus there are no traces of your searches left behind when you’re done with your session.

It is a search engine focused on privacy which means it doesn’t track your activity or set any cookies on your system.

Furthermore, it doesn’t allow third-party tracking and it provides a Chrome extension for searching purposes.

Get Oscobo

Found something you can add to your laptop today? Let us know which laptop privacy software you think will work for you by leaving a comment below.

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