You can now set up to 18 hours of Active hours in Windows 10

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The latest Windows 10 Preview build 14942 introduced a few improvements for the system and its features. One of these improvements is the ability to change Active hours in Windows 10, which is now available to all Insiders on the Fast ring.

Starting with Windows 10 Preview build 14942, Insiders are able to set active hours up to 18 hours from the selected time. In case you didn’t know, until now, the limit was (and still is for the regular users) 12 hours from the selected time. The same 18-hours limit is also applied to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview users running at least build 14942.

The active hours dialog window is also changed, as it now shows text saying “You can set Active hours up to 18 hours from your start time”.

“We’ve heard the feedback that you like the control Active Hours provides over when your PC restarts for updates, however feel that that the default 12 hour range on PC is too limited. We want to accommodate various enterprise environments and schedules including those where employees have double shifts, so starting with Build 14942, we’ve changed this range for PCs on Pro, Enterprise, or Education editions to 18 hours.”

Users generally find the whole Windows Update process quite annoying, because it often interrupts their work when installing new updates. Microsoft made things slightly better by introducing the Active hours feature, but original 12 hours didn’t seem to be enough for some users. So, we hope users will be more satisfied with the new limit.

As we said, the 18-hours limit is, for now, only available to Insiders on the Fast ring of Windows 10 Preview. Microsoft haven’t said when it will be available to general public, but we assume the next major update for Windows 10 will contain this feature.

What do you think about the new limit? Is 18 hours enough? Tell us in the comments.


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This 12 hour active time is fucked!! I feel like I’m living in communist china or russia!! Boooooo microsoft for putting such a thing in this software!! I HATE IT and Microsoft!!! Send a “freedom” update that allows ME to pick when I update anydamnthing.

Active hours should be at least 20 or 21. Windows can download updates an most times but even that is a problem when many PC’s are on the same network, it completely brings our network down and no work can be done. we have persons working on important CAD programs and disruption causes havoc. We only have about 3 hours per day that not used heavily. Automatic restarts on computers without prompting is totally unacceptable. We had to revert almost all out machines to windows 7 again just due to this factor. We also run computers that manage CNC engineering equipment and a reboot or interruption can cause a huge financial loss of productivity. We are now seriously looking at getting our software changed to run on another operating system before windows 7 life ends. Programmers are currently working on converting our software to support Unix/Linux or slowly replacing hardware to Apple would be the other but more costly option.

In this and so many other aspects Microsoft is the Most Arrogant company in the world, They Assume controll of your PC and limit freedom by forcing certain choices that is supposed to be made by Humans with brains and NOT by the Operating system.

18 hours is an absolutely essential update, but still not nearly as good as simply saying when updates could happen such as 3 AM to 5 AM. Either way I still think restarting when I have something open is completely unacceptable. MS need to do something that I will loose nothing that is open and it would be restored exactly as it was, similarly to how hibernate works, but with updates. Until then I simply keep Windows Update disabled until I am ready.

If you disable the Windows Update service then Updates are completely disabled. Then re-enable the service and update when you have the time.