3 months later, File Search still unusable on Windows 10 1909

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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windows 10 file search error

With the first round of Patch Tuesday updates coming around, many users were expecting improvements in the security department.

While there have been significant improvements as far as security goes, some users are not happy about certain issues.

For example, users are reporting that File Search is still unusable on Windows 10 v1909, despite being promised otherwise.

Ever since I updated to Windows 10 1909 the Search Box in the File Explorer is completely unuseable. It shows a text cursor but I cannot click inside the box or type any text into it. Essentially it’s a text box with no “wiring”.

This problem has been affecting the OS for three months now and it seems Microsoft still needs more time to fix it.

No one knows what causes the File Search error

What makes matters worse is that there doesn’t seem to be a precise trigger for this issue to occur. This makes it all the more difficult since users don’t know what actions to avoid.

Problem seems to be inconsistent, sometimes I am able to use the search, other times it won’t let me click. This morning I was able to use it, but the text box appeared broken and misaligned. After a reboot, it returned to not working.

Unfortunately enough, no word from Microsoft has come out regarding the issue. This leaves users with no choice but to either perform a rollback or use temporary fixes such as shutting down File Explorer.

I wrote a .bat that taskkills file explorer. That seems to have fixed the problem, but its only a temporary fix. If you go into taskmgr and kill explorer.exe it should start working again. 

Indeed, this is the 3rd consecutive month since this issue has first been reported, and users are not pleased that is has still gone unsolved.

This bug can seriously hinder the efficient use of the Windows 10 OS.

Have you experienced this File Search error ever since installing Windows 10 version 1909? Let us know in the comment section below.

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