Windows 10 KB3194496 breaks mouse and keyboard

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft recently pushed KB3194496 to the general public, bringing a series of important bug fixes. We expected this cumulative update to become available on Patch Tuesday, but it appears Microsoft considered the update was stable enough to be rolled out to all Windows 10 users.

Maybe it would have been better if Microsoft had waited a bit longer. In this manner, the company would have had the chance to gather thorough user feedback and patch eventual issues. As a quick reminder, update KB3194496 was pushed to the Windows 10 public channel just one day after it had become available for Release Preview and Slow Ring Insiders.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps due to Microsoft’s haste, cumulative update KB3194496 brings issues of its own. Users have reported KB3194496 is breaking mouse and keyboard functionality. More specifically, they can’t use the mouse and the keyboard buttons don’t respond.

KB3194496 breaks mouse and keyboard functionality

So I have a friend who just finished installing the KB3194496 cumulative update for windows 10 a few hours ago. Window’s did it’s typical “Installing X%” and rebooted, but when it rebooted it was trying to do an automatic system repair. It then cuts immediately to a blue screen telling him to choose a keyboard layout, but he can’t use the mouse and the keyboard buttons don’t respond.

Several users already confirmed having the same issues after installing cumulative update KB3194496, and around 100 people already viewed the thread describing this issue. All signs indicate this is not an isolated problem.

Have you already download KB3194496 on your Windows 10 computer? Is everything running smoothly for you? Are you also experiencing mouse and keyboard issues? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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This update killed my all USB ports! Nothing was working – keyboard, mouse, USB sticks…

The Device Manager showed an error related to Intel Extensible USB 3.0 Controller and the error message was saying that the USB controller couldn’t be initiated by the system at all. Updating the driver didn’t help (neither using the branded Dell file, nor Intel generic one).

After uninstalling this faulty update, all problems are gone! I believe MS did not thoroughly tested this KB before releasing it to the public.

I reinstalled, it gave me the blue screen with an Inaccessible Boot Device error! Windows tried to reboot and do a self-repair, but all attempts at self-repair failed. Trying to boot up on safe mode failed. Trying to access the restore point failed.
Essentially I tried all options before the final “Reset” option, and all options failed.

Had to Reset my machine while leaving documents intact.
Now going to spend several more hours installing of my apps again, and customizing everything.

Thanks, Microsoft. This is the second Anniversary Update snafu I’ve had.

With the last one, I had to Reset and remove all documents.

I’m experiencing issues with opening programs. Though the speed at which the programs open and start increased, all of them freeze. I retain use of the mouse for maybe five minutes before that stops working and the program (Chrome, WMP, Groove, Outlook, etc) hang in not responsive. This update so far has been nothing but a headache, pain in the butt and heartache.

Windows 10 tried to update my laptop with KB3194496 this morning. It failed, attempted to roll back, rebooted and failed to find a bootable device. As I was searching for a fix on my smartphone I rebooted the laptop which, to my relief, came back up ok this time.
Windows 10 is now threatening to install this update when I am not using my device – but I don’t want it to do so until I am confident that Microsoft has made some effort to fix the update.
How can I stop it? Do I have to keep working on my laptop? Thanks Microsoft. If your crap trashes my laptop I am off to linux and never coming back.

Interestingly, however, the driver update for my Synaptics Touchpad HAS installed which really p***ses me off because it has deactivated the ‘disable’ dimple on the top left of the pad. I prefer my cordless Bluetooth mouse but it occasionally hangs (seems to be when the charging cable is plugged in it reaches full charge) so I need to be able to turn the pad back on easily.

Trying again… my original reply got deleted. Anyways – no links thins time; and no humor 🙂

I had the same problem. Uninstalled the update and then used wushowhide to hide the update going forward. Wushowhide is a windows tool. Search for KB3073930. Worked for me.

Good luck!

Last night I had some spare time so decided to do a little searching for a solution. I found a thread on he Sihmar Tech News & Updates site entitled ‘Fix Cumulative Update KB3194496 stuck or fail to install.’

It describes stopping and deleting scheduler tasks associated with XblGameSave. I did this, tried to reinstall the update – and succeeded

The Synaptics Touchpad driver update didn’t install. My bad, I must have had a brain f*^&. It never installed. The touchpad’s still working, all but the ‘disable’ dimple doesn’t. I can live with that for a while. There’ll be another update along soon.

Didn’t even realize it was done until i read the article. I dont have any new problems, haven’t checked my camera to see if THAT works after they broke it with an update a few months ago???

Now I am one of the thousands that are trapped to the”on screen keyboard”

After installing Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3194496 my keyboard stopped on 30.09.2016
Weirdly, the keyboard functions at login screen , but after login it stops responding.

I have tried updating the keyboard device driver from Device Manager but after reboot , the malfunction continues.

Just installed it and absolutely no problems here. System has rebooted and I’m typing on it now, using mouse, no problems. Responding as it did before.

Just installed, all looks Ok.
Yahoo finance still carrying errors from KB3176937. No response from them apart from pushing Firefox. That won’t happen here.
Keyboard response is a little erratic as I type this.