HP computers compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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The Anniversary Update is still causing various installation issues for many users, as some of them are still struggling to install the update, while others are trying hard to find a fix for the all system crashes and freezes triggered by Windows 10 version 1607.

The list of elements that could cause Anniversary Update issues is quite long, ranging from corrupt system files and insufficient storage capacity, to unsupported drivers and metered Internet connections.

Before you upgrade your computer to Windows 10 version 1607, you should first check if your device is compatible with the latest Windows OS. Computer manufacturers, such as Dell, have already updated their lists of computer models that are compatible with the Anniversary Update, and you should indeed check these lists before hitting the upgrade button.

HP has also published a list of all its computer models that support the Anniversary Update, and this comes really handy for many users. After all, HP is the most popular Windows 10 PC manufacturer.

HP computers compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

It is worth mentioning that if you bought your HP computer before August 2013, it might not have the complete set of hardware and/or drivers required to use all of the features in Windows 10. In other words, you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter various bugs after upgrading to the Anniversary Update.

“The information below lists HP products that have been tested with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Any PC product that is not listed in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update table was not tested by HP for this update and may not be supported by HP for Windows 10.”

Consumer notebook PC series
Compaq 14-a100
HP 15-ay500
HP ENVY 15-aq000 x360
HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j100
HP Pavilion 15-ak000
Compaq 14-s000
HP 15-ba000
HP ENVY 15-ar000 x360
HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k100
HP Pavilion 15-au000
Compaq 14-s100
HP 15-bd000
HP ENVY 15-as000
HP ENVY x360 15-w100
HP Pavilion 15-au500
Compaq 15-a000
HP 15-be000
HP ENVY 15-c000 x2
HP g14-a000
HP Pavilion 15-aw000
Compaq 15-f100
HP 15-bf000
HP ENVY 15-j100
HP OMEN 15-5000
HP Pavilion 15-bc000
Compaq 15-h000
HP 15-bg000
HP ENVY 15-k000
HP OMEN 15-5100
HP Pavilion 15-bj000
Compaq 15-h200
HP 15-bn000
HP ENVY 15-k100
HP OMEN 15-5200
HP Pavilion 15-bk000 x360
Compaq 15-s000
HP 15-d000
HP ENVY 15-k200
HP Pavilion 10-f000
HP Pavilion 15-e100
Compaq 15-s100
HP 15-d100
HP ENVY 15-q000
HP Pavilion 10-f100
HP Pavilion 15-n200
Compaq 15-s200
HP 15-f000
HP ENVY 15-q200
HP Pavilion 10-k000 x2
HP Pavilion 15-n300
HP 11-f000
HP 15-f100
HP ENVY 15-q300
HP Pavilion 10-n000 x2
HP Pavilion 15-p000
HP 11-f100
HP 15-f200
HP ENVY 15-q400
HP Pavilion 10-n100 x2
HP Pavilion 15-p100
HP 11-p100 x360
HP 15-f300
HP ENVY 15-q600
HP Pavilion 10-n200 x2
HP Pavilion 15-p200
HP 14-ac000
HP 15-g000
HP ENVY 15-u000 x360
HP Pavilion 11-h100 x2
HP Pavilion 17-ab000
HP 14-ac100
HP 15-g100
HP ENVY 15-u100 x360
HP Pavilion 11-k000 x360
HP Pavilion 17-e100
HP 14-ac600
HP 15-g200
HP ENVY 15-u200 x360
HP Pavilion 11-k100 x360
HP Pavilion 17-f000
HP 14-af000
HP 15-g300
HP ENVY 15-u300 x360
HP Pavilion 11-n000 x360
HP Pavilion 17-f100
HP 14-af100
HP 15g-ad000
HP ENVY 15-u400 x360
HP Pavilion 11-n100 x360
HP Pavilion 17-f200
HP 14-am000
HP 15g-ad100
HP ENVY 15-v000
HP Pavilion 11-n200 x360
HP Pavilion 17-g000
HP 14-an000
HP 15q-aj000
HP ENVY 15-w000 x360
HP Pavilion 11-s000
HP Pavilion 17-g100
HP 14-aq000
HP 15q-aj100
HP ENVY 15-w100 x360
HP Pavilion 11-u000 x360
HP Pavilion 17-g200
HP 14-ar000
HP 15-r000
HP ENVY 17-j100
HP Pavilion 12-b000 x2
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak000
HP 14-as000
HP 15-r100
HP ENVY 17-k000
HP Pavilion 13-a000 x360
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak100
HP 14-d000
HP 15-r200
HP ENVY 17-k100
HP Pavilion 13-a100 x360
HP Pavilion m1-u000 x360
HP 14-d100
HP 17-ac000
HP ENVY 17-k200
HP Pavilion 13-a200 x360
HP Pavilion m3-u000 x360
HP 14-g000
HP 17-ad000
HP ENVY 17-k300
HP Pavilion 13-a300 x360
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e100
HP 14-g100
HP 17-p000
HP ENVY 17-n000
HP Pavilion 13-b000
HP Pavilion x2 12-b000
HP 14g-ad000
HP 17-p100
HP ENVY 17-n100
HP Pavilion 13-b100
HP Pavilion x2 12-b100
HP 14g-ad100
HP 17-x000
HP ENVY 17-r000
HP Pavilion 13-b200
HP Spectre 12-a000 x2
HP 14q-aj000
HP 17-y000
HP ENVY 17-r100
HP Pavilion 13-p100 x2
HP Spectre 12-ab000 x2
HP 14q-aj100
HP 2000-2d00
HP ENVY 17-s000
HP Pavilion 13-r000 x2
HP Spectre 13-3000
HP 14-r000
HP Beats Special Edition 15-p000
HP ENVY 17-u000
HP Pavilion 13-r100 x2
HP Spectre 13-4000 x360
HP 14-r100
HP Beats Special Edition 15-p300
HP ENVY m6 -w100 x360
HP Pavilion 13-s000 x360
HP Spectre 13-4100 x360
HP 14-r200
HP ENVY 14-j000
HP ENVY m6-ae100
HP Pavilion 13-s100 x360
HP Spectre 13-4200 x360
HP 14-w000
HP ENVY 13-d000
HP ENVY m6-aq000 x360
HP Pavilion 13-u000 x360
HP Spectre 13-h200 x2
HP 14-w100
HP ENVY 13-d100
HP ENVY m6-ar000 x360
HP Pavilion 14-ab000
HP Spectre 13-v000
HP 15-ac000
HP ENVY 13-j000 x2
HP ENVY m6-n000
HP Pavilion 14-ab100
HP Spectre 15-ap000 x2
HP 15-ac100
HP ENVY 14-j000
HP ENVY m6-p000
HP Pavilion 14-al000
HP Spectre 15-ap000 x360
HP 15-ac500
HP ENVY 14-j100
HP ENVY m6-p100
HP Pavilion 14-av000
HP Stream 11-d000
HP 15-ac600
HP ENVY 14-k100
HP ENVY m6-w000 x360
HP Pavilion 14-n200
HP Stream 11-r000
HP 15-ac600
HP ENVY 14-u000
HP ENVY m7-k200
HP Pavilion 14-v000
HP Stream 13-c000
HP 15-ad000
HP ENVY 14-u100
HP ENVY m7-n000
HP Pavilion 14-v100
HP Stream 13-c100
HP 15-af000
HP ENVY 14-u200
HP ENVY m7-n100
HP Pavilion 14-v200
HP Stream 14-z000
HP 15-af100
HP ENVY 15-ae000
HP ENVY m7-u000
HP Pavilion 15-ab000
HP Stream x360 11-p000
HP 15-aj000
HP ENVY 15-ae100
HP ENVY Rove 20-k200 All-in-One
HP Pavilion 15-ab100
OMEN by HP 15-ax000
HP 15-ak000
HP ENVY 15-ah000
HP ENVY TouchSmart 14-k100
HP Pavilion 15-ab200
OMEN by HP 17-w000
HP 15-ay000
HP ENVY 15-ah100
HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j100
HP Pavilion 15-ab500
Star Wars Special Edition 15-an000
Consumer Desktop and All-in-One PC series
Compaq 100-200
HP All-in-One 20-e000
HP ENVY All-in-One 24-n200
HP Pavilion 550-000
HP Pavilion Mini 300-000
Compaq 100-300
HP All-in-One 20-e100
HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p000
HP Pavilion 550-100
HP Pavilion Mini 300-100
Compaq 100-400
HP All-in-One 20-r000
HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p100
HP Pavilion 550-200
HP Pavilion Mini 300-200
Compaq 100-500
HP All-in-One 20-r100
HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p200
HP Pavilion 550-300
HP Pavilion Slimline 400-200
Compaq 230-000
HP All-in-One 20-r200
HP ENVY All-in-One 34-a00
HP Pavilion 550-a00
HP Pavilion Slimline 400-300
Compaq All-in-One 18-4000
HP All-in-One 21-2000
HP ENVY Beats All-in-One 23-n200
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-a000
HP Pavilion Slimline 400-400
HP 110-200
HP All-in-One 22-2000
HP ENVY Phoenix 810-400
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-a100
HP Pavilion Slimline 400-500
HP 110-300
HP All-in-One 22-3000
HP ENVY Phoenix 860-000
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-a200
HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 20-f300
HP 110-400
HP All-in-One 22-3100
HP ENVY Phoenix 860-100
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-g100
HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 21-h000
HP 110-500
HP All-in-One 22-3200
HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 23-k300
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-g200
HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 21-h100
HP 110-a00
HP All-in-One 22-b000
HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 23-k400
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-g300
HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 22-h000
HP 110-b00
HP All-in-One 23-r000
HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 27-k300
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-p000
HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 22-h100
HP 251-000
HP All-in-One 23-r100
HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 27-k400
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-p100
HP Slimline 260-a000
HP 251-100
HP All-in-One 23-r200
HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart Beats SE All-in-One 23-m00
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-p200
HP Slimline 260-p000
HP 251-a00
HP All-in-One 24-g000
HP ENVY TouchSmart All-in-One 23se-d00
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q000
HP Slimline 410-000
HP 251-a100
HP ENVY 700-500
HP Pavilion 500-200
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q100
HP Slimline 410-100
HP 460-a000
HP ENVY 750-000
HP Pavilion 500-300
HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q200
HP Slimline 411-a000
HP 460-p000
HP ENVY 750-100
HP Pavilion 500-400
HP Pavilion All-in-One 24-a000
HP Slimline 450-000
HP All-in-One 18-5000
HP ENVY 750-200
HP Pavilion 500-500
HP Pavilion All-in-One 24-b000
HP Slimline 450-100
HP All-in-One 19-2000
HP ENVY 750-300
HP Pavilion 500-c00
HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-a000
HP Slimline 450-a00
HP All-in-One 19-3000
HP ENVY All-in-One 23-o000
HP Pavilion 500-d00
HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-n000
HP Slimline 455-000
HP All-in-One 20-2000
HP ENVY All-in-One 24-n000
HP Pavilion 510-a000
HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-n100
HP Stream Mini 200-000
HP All-in-One 20-c000
HP ENVY All-in-One 24-n100
HP Pavilion 510-p000
HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-n200
Commercial Notebook PCs
EE 10 G1
EliteBook 850/750 G2
HP 355 G2
ProBook 450 G4
Spectre 13
Elite x2 1011 G1
EliteBook Folio 1030 G1
HP Elite x2 1012 G2
ProBook 455 G1
Spectre Pro 13 G1
Elite x2 1012 G1
EliteBook Folio 1040 G3
HP Omen Pro Mobile Workstation
ProBook 455 G2
Spectre x2 13 SMB Pro
EliteBook 1040 G2
EliteBook Folio  G1
HP x2 210 G1  Tablet
ProBook 455 G3
Spectre x360 G1
EliteBook 1040 G4
ElitePad 1000 G2
HP x2 210 G2  Tablet
ProBook 455 G4
Stream 11 G3  Pro
EliteBook 725 G2
Folio 1020 G1
Pro Tablet 608 G1
ProBook 470 G0
Tablet 408 G1
EliteBook 725 G3
Folio 1040 G1
Pro Tablet 612 G1
ProBook 470 G1
TX1 POS 200
EliteBook 725 G4
Folio 9480m
Pro Tablet Retail
ProBook 470 G2
Ultrabook 210 G1
EliteBook 745 G2
HP 240 G4
Pro x2 612 G2
ProBook 470 G3
Ultrabook 215 G1
EliteBook 745 G3
HP 240 G5
ProBook 11 G1  EE
ProBook 470 G4
x360 310 G2
EliteBook 745 G4
HP 245 G4
ProBook 11 G2  EE
ProBook 640 G1
ZBook 14 G1
EliteBook 755 G2
HP 245 G5
ProBook 430 G1
ProBook 640 G2
ZBook 14 G2
EliteBook 755 G3
HP 248 G1
ProBook 430 G2
ProBook 640 G3
ZBook 14 G3
EliteBook 755 G4
HP 250 G4
ProBook 430 G3
ProBook 645 G1
ZBook 15 G1
EliteBook 820 G3
HP 250 G5
ProBook 430 G4
ProBook 645 G2
ZBook 15 G2
EliteBook 820 G4
HP 255 G4
ProBook 440 G0
ProBook 645 G3
ZBook 15 G3
EliteBook 820/720 G1
HP 255 G5
ProBook 440 G1
ProBook 650 G1
ZBook 15 G4
EliteBook 820/720 G2
HP 340 G1
ProBook 440 G2
ProBook 650 G2
ZBook 15u G2
EliteBook 830 G1  x360
HP 340 G2
ProBook 440 G3
ProBook 650 G3
ZBook 15u G3
EliteBook 840 G3
HP 340 G3
ProBook 440 G4
ProBook 650 G3 Quad
ZBook 15u G4
EliteBook 840 G4
HP 340 G4
ProBook 445 G1
ProBook 655 G1
ZBook 17 G1
EliteBook 840/740 G1
HP 345 G2
ProBook 445 G2
ProBook 655 G2
ZBook 17 G2
EliteBook 840/740 G2
HP 346 G3
ProBook 450 G0
ProBook 655 G3
ZBook 17 G3
EliteBook 850 G3
HP 348 G3
ProBook 450 G1
ProBook x360 11 EE
ZBook 17 G4
EliteBook 850 G4
HP 350 G1
ProBook 450 G2
Revolve 810 G2
Zbook Studio G4
EliteBook 850/750 G1
HP 350 G2
ProBook 450 G3
Revolve 810 G3
ZBook x2 G4
Commercial Desktop and All-in-One PCs
EliteDesk 700 G1 MT
EliteDesk 800 G3  TWR
HP 285 G1 MT Pro
ProDesk 405 G1 MT A4
ProDesk 680 G3  MT
EliteDesk 700 G1 SFF
EliteOne 705 G1 AIO
HP 285 G2
ProDesk 405 G1 MT A6
ProOne 400 G1 AIO 19.5″ NT
EliteDesk 705 G1 DM
EliteOne 705 G2 AiO Touch
HP 402 G1 SFF
ProDesk 405 G1 MT E1
ProOne 400 G1 AIO 21″ T
EliteDesk 705 G1 SFF/MT
EliteOne 800 G1 AIO 21.5″ NT
HP 406 G1 MT
ProDesk 405 G2 MT A4
ProOne 400 G1 AIO 23″
EliteDesk 705 G2 DM
EliteOne 800 G1 AIO 23″ NT
HP 406  MT
ProDesk 405 G2 MT A8
ProOne 400 G2 AiO T/NT
EliteDesk 705 G2 SFF/MT
EliteOne 800 G1 AIO 23″ T
HP ENVY   Pro Curved AiO
ProDesk 405 G2 MT E1
ProOne 400 G3 AiO 20″ T/NT
EliteDesk 705 G3 DM
EliteOne 800 G2 AiO GPU T/NT
MP9  G2 Retail System
ProDesk 480 G1 MT
ProOne 600 G1 AIO
EliteDesk 705 G3 SFF/MT
EliteOne 800 G2 AiO T/NT
ProDesk 400 G1 DM
ProDesk 480 G2 MT
ProOne 600 G2 AiO T/NT
EliteDesk 800 G1 DM
HP 200 G1 MT
ProDesk 400 G1 MT
ProDesk 480 G3 MT
ProOne 600 G3 AiO 21.5″ T
EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF
HP 200 G1 Slim
ProDesk 400 G1 SFF
ProDesk 490 G1 MT
ProOne 800 G3 AiO 23.8″ T/NT GPU
EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower
HP 202 G2 MT
ProDesk 400 G2 DM
ProDesk 490 G2 MT
RP2, Model 2000
EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT
HP 205 G2 AIO 18.5”
ProDesk 400 G2 MT
ProDesk 490 G3 MT
RP2, Model 2030
EliteDesk 800 G2 DM 35W
HP 205 G3 AiO
ProDesk 400 G2 SFF
ProDesk 600 G1 DM
RP5, Model 5810
EliteDesk 800 G2 DM 65W
HP 260 G1 DM
ProDesk 400 G2.5 SFF
ProDesk 600 G1 SFF/TWR
RP9, Model 9015  G1
EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF
HP 260 G2
ProDesk 400 G3 MT
ProDesk 600 G2 DM
RP9, Model 9018  G1
EliteDesk 800 G2 TWR
HP 280 G1 MT
ProDesk 400 G3 SFF
ProDesk 600 G2 SFF/MT
Slice / Slice Collaboration
EliteDesk 800 G3  AiO T/NT
HP 280 G2 MT
ProDesk 400 G3  DM
ProDesk 600 G3  DM
EliteDesk 800 G3  DM
HP 280 G2 MT Legacy
ProDesk 400 G4 MT
ProDesk 600 G3  MT
EliteDesk 800 G3  SFF
HP 280 G2 SFF
ProDesk 400 G4  SFF
ProDesk 600 G3  SFF
Workstation PCs
HP Z1 G2 Workstation
HP Z1 G3 Workstation
HP Z230 Workstation
HP Z240 Workstation
HP Z440 Workstation
HP Z640 Workstation
HP Z840 Workstation


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