Animation when resizing windows in Windows 10 is now smoother

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Microsoft wants the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update  to be as fluid and smooth as possible so as to deliver the best user experience. In order to achieve this goal, the company pays attention to the slightest details in its design and constantly adjusts it according to user recommendations.

Windows Insiders have long complained about stuttering animation when resizing windows. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Insider Team carefully read Insider suggestions and put them to practice.

Window resizing is now smoother

Resizing GDI-based desktop apps such as File Explorer or Task Manager, as well as UWP apps, should now be smoother and faster. Moreover, Microsoft also updated its code so that the window frame background turns transparent when users rapidly resize UWP apps.

One of the things we’ve heard from Windows Insiders is that the animation when resizing windows isn’t always smooth. We’ve taken that feedback, and Insiders should see improved performance and smoothness when resizing GDI-based Desktop applications (such as File Explorer, Task Manager, and Notepad) and UWP apps (such as Groove Music and Outlook Mail). In addition to this work, we’ve also updated our code so that when rapidly resizing UWP apps, the window frame background will be transparent as the app adjusts, rather than a flat base color.

To see if window resizing is smooth enough for you now, download and install the latest Windows 10 build.

Speaking of build 15002, Insiders report that it also brings issues of its own, apart from the plethora of improvements and bug fixes listed by Microsoft. For the time being, there are no workarounds available to fix this bug.



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