Installing Windows 10/11 on Surface Pro 3: Issues and fixes

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surface 3 pro windows 10 install problems

Windows 10 is said to have been installed so far mostly on desktop and laptop devices, but we wonder whether the new Surface Pro 3 is considered a laptop or a tablet. In this piece, we take a look at some problems you might have when trying to install Windows 10.
surface pro 3 windows 10 install
Some Surface Pro 3 owners have decided to give Windows 10 a go and try it out on their devices. However, in doing so, they have encountered plenty of annoying problems, so we’ve decided to round them up, so you could know what you could be possible facing prior to making the upgrade.

What problems can you encounter when installing Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3?

One of the first problems seems to be related with the install process not getting until the end, according to one user:

I’m not having any luck. The install runs up to somewhere near 40%. Then the installer closes, no error message or anything. I’m not sure what is wrong.

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Also, what you need to take into account is that if you do a fresh install of Windows 10, don’t expect wireless drivers to be available for the Surface Pro 3, which has already been plagued by a lot of WiFi problems that have been recently fixed.

If you do a fresh install, like the old 8.1 retail install, there are NO wireless drivers for the SP3 built into this preview. Either use winreducer and integrate the driver pack 9/9/14 into the install ISO then do a USB drive install, OR download the driver pack, install windows through USB install, and then from within manually install your wireless driver.

Here are some other bugs related to the Windows 10 install on the Surface Pro 3:

The top button on the pen no longer works (can’t double-click to take a screen shot and can’t single-click to open OneNote) and the display no longer rotates.

Some more problems related to the pen functionality, the rotation and even some issues pertaining to the functionality of the Fitbit App:

Buttons on pen not operating properly. Can’t rotate screen. Can’t bring down menu in FreshPaint with finger or pen, can with mouse. Fitbit App similar problem.

Somebody is complaining about the functionality of Internet Explorer, as well:

On my SP3 i can’t have internet explorer in metro mode. always launch in desktop mode.

More issues related to the swiping down for menus

Swiping down for menus isn’t supported with the new layout of apps on the desktop. There is a menu button in top left of window.

Windows 10 install issues and fixes [2018 update]

After this article was written, there was plenty of other issues reported by users. We will list here common issues encountered when trying to install Windows 10 so you could start to troubleshoot your installation process. Here they are:

There are many other similar problems reported so far, but I think you get a picture of what you could get yourself into. That’s why you need to install Windows 10 on a virtual machine or on a device that you’re not actively using. Have you installed Windows 10 on your Surface Pro 3? If so, how does it perform?

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