Here’s why Windows 10 users are switching to other platforms

by Milan Stanojevic
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People are not ready to switch to Linux

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People have been dealing with Windows 10 issues since the OS was first introduced in 2015. There are many die-heart Windows fans who prefer to deal with these issues rather than looking for other platforms.

Well, Linux has been around for years but many people are still reluctant to adopt Linux.

Recently, YouTuber Chris Titus Tech published a video to discuss the matter. The video discusses why Windows 10 keeps getting worse with each passing day.

Microsoft really needs to fix these issues

No default Registry Backup

The last three major updates in Windows 10 didn’t include a registry back up. Microsoft apparently made a conscious decision not to back up your system to save disk space.

Privacy issues everywhere

Secondly, Windows 10 has some privacy issues as well. Information related to your PC is continuously being synced to your Microsoft account. Many people don’t want Microsoft to collect their private data.

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Moreover, customization has been difficult in Windows 10 v1803 and later versions. The latest OS version, Windows 10 v1903 brings plenty of BSoD errors and other issues.

The same old forced update stories

People hated Windows 10 forced updates. That is why Microsoft introduced a new feature that allows Windows users to delay Windows updates.

However, Microsoft is making it hard for Windows 10 users to access these advanced features. People noticed that these features sometimes disappeared in the early version of  1903.

Windows 10 users started switching to Linux and Mac

Just because of these bad practices, more and more users started switching to Linux. As a matter of fact, Microsoft was the one who pushed them to do so.

However, there are some people who shifted to Mac. Advanced users prefer Mac over Linux as they have to use Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite on a daily basis.

Although they are expensive, people are still ready to go for an expensive option.

The video encouraged users to learn how to use Linux. However, it sparked a lengthy discussion on Reddit. People started discussing the factors why people are not switching to Linux or Mac.

We have listed some of the major reasons why people still prefer Windows over Linux.

Need another reason to switch to Linux? It beat Windows 10 at multi-threaded performance.

Windows 10’s advantages over other platforms

Lack of software support

As discussed before, many content creators and graphic designers prefer to use Windows because it supports tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

However, Linux does not support Adobe Creative Suite. That is why they are reluctant to switch to Linux. Notably, an average user still goes for unpaid options on Windows as well.

There are many tools available on Linux that can do the job for you. Moreover, once people start switching to Linux, Adobe would be forced to develop Linux versions as well.

Linux is not user-friendly

Many people like Windows because of the fact that it has a user-friendly interface. Speaking of the novice users, they still face some issues to get used to Mac and Linux environments.

As a matter of fact, Linux offers a lot more flexibility as compared to Windows. You can change anything from desktop to the File Manager.

Random compatibility issues

Some Linux users highlighted that the battery life on Linux is below average. Moreover, users have to face some other issues “keyboard backlight not working”, installations get stuck on Grub.

Most importantly, Linux has hardware compatibility issues as well.

Windows offers Linux like features

Microsoft recently improved its platform and it now supports Linux features. These features provide enough reasons for many who want to stick to Windows.

Linux is slow

Many people who switched to Linux experienced different issues on the platform. One of the major issues is that Linux is slower than Windows 10. One of the users explained:

That and it’s slower than windows 10 on my laptop. Launch times are annoyingly slow and animations are stuttery. This is with Ubuntu, Linux mint, Zorin and Elementary OS.

However, the Reddit conversation confirms that many people confirmed that they have already shifted to Linux. They are tired of dealing with Windows issues.

The majority of them are gamers who are looking for high performance. Some of them are still using Windows 10 for Oculus games. But they will eventually shift once Linux focuses on VR space.

The security and malware protection offered by Linux is another reason that may force many to switch platforms.


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