Windows 10 cumulative update KB3176934 installation issues still not fixed

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It’s been a more than a week since Microsoft released cumulative update KB3176934 to Windows 10 users. And just like every cumulative update, it brought a few invisible improvements to the system along with issues to some who installed it.

We already did a roundup of issues caused by update KB3176934 last week, with a special focus on installation issues. However, it looks like some users are still unable to download the update, and there’s a chance they won’t be able to download it at all.

A couple of users complained on Microsoft’s forums that when they try to install KB3176934, the process stops and all changes are undone. This is very annoying to users who want to keep their systems up to date, but the solution is still unknown.

Here’s what one user said about the KB3176934 installation fails:

“What’s wrong with windows updates to windows 10 always there are issues. The latest one is KB3176934 everytime windows try to install it, then after restart configuring windows reaches 71% then progresses very slowly then at around 98% it restarts and starts undoing the changes.  Event viewer shows: Package KB3176934 failed to be changed to the Installed state. Status: 0x800f0922

Also why view more help about event is broken? it takes me to microsoft site but ms site doesn’t show help just the main support page with url containing the information about the event. Anyway I’m looking for help to install this. I tried to install it directly by downloading it from windowsupdate site and same issue.”

Unfortunately, no one had a proper solution for this problem. If you’re facing this issue too, we can recommend you check out our article about update problems in Windows 10, but since nobody managed to solve it yet, we can’t guarantee any of our solutions will work for you.

Even if you’re not able to download this update for Windows 10, it’s not end of the world. All Windows 10 updates of this type are cumulative, which means you’ll get everything from this update with the next release. Also, if you take a look at our article about reported issues in KB3176934, you might not be that disappointed about not being able to download the update.

However, installation fails are common with almost every new update for Windows 10. So, if Microsoft really wants to keep Windows 10 working as a service, it definitely needs to pay more attention to this kind of issues. Maybe an update that fixes installation fails of other updates would do? But what if users are not able to download that update? A very tricky situation.



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