More users consider downgrading to Windows 10 because of the new Start menu

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Key notes

  • One of the major Windows 11 turn off for new users is the Start menu.
  • More and more people are voicing discontent with each passing day.
  • Some are even thinking about downgrading back to the previous OS.
  • For now, the Start menu can only be modified with third-party software.
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The Windows 11 Start menu saga continues, with users constantly expressing discontent and disappointment when it comes to this important OS element.

We remind you that these mixed emotions started ever since the new operating system was simply a toddler learning how to take its first steps.

Many months later, and several updates that sort of tweaked the Start menu, and users are still not at all happy with what Microsoft considered improvements for it.

And, with the community constantly asking for core features to be brought back, and the tech giant refusing to give in, it looks like this will drag on for quite a while, until one of the sides simply has enough.

The Windows 11 Start menu is simply not enough for most

What can the average user do when faced with this situation? Some of the more tech-savvy ones will surely find ways to bypass Microsoft-imposed standards.

But what about the people that are not that that comfortable using registry hacks? Or what about when the mother company disables such methods from being used?

Sure, there are all sorts of third-party software solutions out there, designed to modify how the Start menu looks, but what if users don’t want all these apps installed on their devices?

Well, the last thing they could actually do is talk about and hope to cause enough ruckus that Redmond developers would again follow community advice and actually change something.

This is pretty much what is happening nowadays, and social media platforms, as well as forums, are overflowing with posts that have the words start and menu in their description.

Indeed, at some point, there was a registry hack that would allow anyone to revert the menu back to the appearance it had on Windows 10.

However, Microsoft made sure that didn’t work anymore and they patched that so-called system gap with an update, recently.

Many have gone a different route, as we mentioned above, and downloaded third-party apps that brought back the old style of the menu, the one we got so familiar with on Windows 10.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s mostly because the only customization options we have for the Windows 11 Start menu so far are showing more pins, more recommendations, or default.

Oh, we almost forgot about the fact that you can change its alignment as well, from the center, as it is by default, to the left, like the old one was positioned.

So, because of this lack of options and functionalities, many are already considering downgrading back to Windows 10, hoping that sometime in the future something will change.

It’s also true that the Start menu, as well as the taskbar, have been sort of the main focus point for Windows 11 naysayers, especially because of the limited way in which they are allowed to interact with them.

It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future and if the Redmon-based tech company will decide to fulfill these wishes and restore a little bit of Windows 10, in the form of these elements.

The major irony here is that most crave a new, futuristic and enhanced experience, but as soon as it is given, it’s picked apart, chewed, spat back out, and left for dead.

Right now, there aren’t any major bugs that affect the Windows 11 Start menu, so we can consider it pretty stable. However, if it doesn’t work properly for you, we can help you with fixing it.

We remind you that only four months have passed since the release of this brand new operating system, so a lot of changes can still occur.

All that’s left to do is wait and see when Microsoft decides the future for this important OS element, and what direction it’s going to lean towards.

What are your feelings about the Windows 11 Start menu? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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