You can no longer get the old start menu in Windows 11

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • After the release of Windows 11, users started altering UI elements using some registry hacks.
  • The most popular tweak involved the start menu, which people reverted to the way it looks on Windows 10.
  • However, build 22000.65 of the new operating system will no longer allow anyone to modify the Start menu with these hacks.
  • Most users, especially the ones using this method, are not happy at all with Microsoft's choice. 
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We’ve been previously talking about some registry hacks that users took advantage of on Windows 11, in order to tweak some of the existing UI elements.

However, with this new build, these commands have become obsolete and will no longer help you perform the alterations you had in mind.

The Start menu registry tweak won’t work in build 22000.65

Microsoft is continuously working on its upcoming operating system, making sure that it will be user-ready by the end of the year.

Users have constantly submitted bugs and suggestions for Windows 11, so the tech company’s job is considerably easy, with such a test army at its side.

And now that they’ve brought back the Bug Bash event, users will be even more inclined to squeeze every last bit of information out of the OS.

After a series of tweaks and modifications, Microsoft has released the new OS build, which is 22000.65. With this new version, some of the registry hacks that we’ve mentioned above, simply won’t work anymore.

For example, the one hack that people are still having a hard time getting over, helped them revert the Windows 11 Start menu back to how it looks on Windows 10.

If you remember, the hack they used was:

setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Start_ShowClassicMode to 01

Some users are not really happy with this decision, as they miss the old UI elements and, for some reason, can’t get accustomed to the new way of things.

Social media has been buzzing with news of these changes, and many disagree with Microsoft’s choice.

Surely this won’t be the last time that the Redmond-based tech company hears of users’ exploits that target their new OS and quickly work out a fix to it.

Because, as you can imagine, no matter how user-friendly they want to make Windows 11, and how much creative freedom everyone has, there are still some standards that the company must adhere to.

So, all we can do is just wait for the final version of the operating system, and only then make the final judgment.

Do you have any other examples of registry hacks that won’t work anymore on the new build? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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