Windows 11 22H2 startup sound quality is getting lowered by Microsoft

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  • Windows 11 users spotted a decrease in the quality of the operating system.
  • The startup sound for Windows 11 went from 2,304 Kbps to only 1,536 Kbps.
  • Nobody knows what this 33% quality reduction means for the time being.
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Microsoft Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, has been on an unrelenting campaign to educate users about just how quality-focused Windows 11 really is.

The Redmond-based tech company’s main concern is to deliver a superior product, unparalleled in quality and client friendliness.

However, it seems that Microsoft decided to reduce the quality of certain aspects of the new operating system, an action that sort of contradicts all previous statements.

We’re referring to the user-friendly and warm startup sound for Windows 11, which apparently took a quality hit when least expected.

Microsoft lowers Windows 11 startup sound quality

It seems that Microsoft has further plans for its latest OS that contradict statements made not that long ago, about everything that has to do with Windows 11 being superior.

We said that because, allegedly, the tech giant has lowered the bit rate of the Windows 11 Startup sound in the upcoming version 22H2, Sun Valley 2.

The audio file for the Windows 11 startup sound has a reduced bit rate of 1,536 Kbps, compared to the 2,304 Kbps it had in last year’s build 22463.

This change was noticed in Beta Channel build 22621, which has been confirmed to be the RTM release candidate for Windows 11 22H2.

We’re actually looking at a 33% reduction in the bit rate, which let’s be honest, will not ultimately lead to a perceptible difference in the fidelity of the Windows 11 startup sound.

Some netizens say that Microsoft has also made changes to the music itself, mentioning that the silence at the very start of the sound has been slightly prolonged in Build 22621.

We’re not saying that this might be the end of Windows 11 as we know it. However, some users, using high-fidelity sound equipment, may be ticked off by this reduction.

As for the rest of us, happy with a regular pair of headphones or a plain pair of PC speakers won’t really realize that something happened in the first place.

And, since we’re on the topic of Windows 11, remember that Microsoft released Build 25163 to the Dev Channel, with some pretty important changes coming to the Store.

Two days ago it also released builds 22621.436 and 22622.436 (KB5015888) to the Beta Channel, along with a new tutorial video series for Windows 11 beginners.

KB5015882 also brought some important fixes, in case you didn’t catch up yet. Also, if you are a Windows OS enthusiast, keep in mind that Microsoft will release new operating systems once every 3 years.

With that in mind, don’t forget to check all the updates surrounding Windows 12 and a potential 2023-2024 release.

Considering what you just read, what is your take on Microsoft lowering the Windows 11 startup sound quality?

Share your opinions and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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