How to Change the User Account in Windows 11 Widgets

Switch between accounts on your widgets in no time

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  • Windows 11's widgets need you to sign in for you to sync your settings across multiple devices.
  • If you have more than one user account, you will need to keep switching to access certain information on each of them.
  • Windows will automatically sign you in if you've already signed in to your PC with your Microsoft account.

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Windows 11 widgets is a system tool that allows you to add some functionality to the Windows desktop and taskbar. The main feature of this tool is that it provides you with an easy way to access your most used applications and tools, such as a calculator and notepad.

The user account in Windows 11 widgets is the account that you use to sign into Windows. This can be your personal account, or it can be a work account. In Windows, you can create multiple user accounts for different purposes. 

For example, it’s possible to have one account for personal use and another for work. This is useful if you have different needs for each profile, such as having a separate email address and login password for work.

You can also use widgets without signing in. If you are using a guest account, the computer does not have any personalization information. But, sometimes, you need to sync some activities such as your meetings in order to get reminders.

What user account does Windows 11 widgets use? 

When you install Windows 11 widgets, it creates a shortcut on your desktop and adds an icon to the system tray. In order for these icons to work properly, Windows 11 widgets need to run under a user account.

Usually, Windows 11 widgets will use the same user account you signed in with. If you have more than one user account on your computer, then Windows 11 widgets will use the default account that was created during installation. 

If you’re signed in with your Microsoft account, any changes you make to Windows 11 widgets will automatically sync across all of your devices. 

The widget will ask to create an account for you if there’s no existing profile associated with your device. You can ignore this option if you don’t want to sign in. 

Once the user account has been created, it will remain active until closed or shut down by Windows 11 or when you decide to delete it.

How do I change the account for widgets in Windows 11? 

1. Change the sign-in options

1. Hit the Windows key on your keyboard.

2. Click on Settings from the menu that opened.

settings windows 11

3. Select Accounts from the left pane, then click on Your info.

accounts your info windows 11 settings

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4. Click on Stop signing in to all Microsoft apps automatically.

stop signing in to microsoft apps setting

5. Now go back to widgets and sign in with your desired user account.

The first and easiest method to change your user account is via Windows 11’s built-in Settings. What you need to do is change the sign-in options so that your PC no longer signs in to Microsoft accounts automatically.

This change will allow you to sign-in using a different user account of your choice the next time you access widgets.

2. Reset the Mail app 

  1. Hit the Windows key and click on Settings.settings windows 11
  2. Go to Apps.apps-features where is the chrome menu button
  3. Find the Mail and Calendar app and click on Advanced optionsadvanced options mail windows 11
  4. Hit the Reset button.reset mail and calendar settings
  5. Now go back to widgets and sign in with your desired user account.

3. Delete user account online

  1. Navigate to your web browser to log in to your Microsoft account
  2. Go to Devices to find all connected PCs associated with your account.Microsoft devices windows 11
  3. Click on Remove device to unlink the account.remove device confirm
  4. Now go back to widgets and sign in with your desired user account.

Since most of these solutions involve removing your account, remember to back up all your files using backup software to avoid losing any important information.

Can I use multiple accounts with Windows 11 widgets? 

Yes, you can use multiple accounts with Windows 11 widgets. However, you cannot use two or more accounts simultaneously. This can be useful if you share a computer with other people and want to keep your personal data separate from theirs.

For example, if you want to use two different accounts but still want to use the same laptop, then you need to log off from one account before you log in to another account. You can switch between accounts quickly by selecting the profile picture from the Start menu or taskbar.

It is also important to note that setting up multiple accounts on a single computer will require more space on your hard drive or SSD drive because each account has its own folder that stores its user files and programs.

In this case, you need to install a RAM cleaner to get rid of temporary and unnecessary files to avoid running out of space.

Should you face any other related problems such as Windows 11 widgets not working, feel free to check out our detailed guide on how to fix the issue.

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Let us know of any additional thoughts you may have on this topic in the comment section below.

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