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fix fingerprint windows 10
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Fingerprint readers are very sensitive pieces of hardware connected to computers or devices that need some extra measures of security. Not working properly in Windows 10, 8 makes this a very frustrating problem due to the fact that the biometric sensor was installed for a reason and it is not an issue easily dismissed. Data security is taken very seriously all over the world and these are the types of “red flags” that should be resolved immediately.
Windows 8 fingerprint reader not detectedMost Windows 10, 8 laptops that have a built-in fingerprint reader develop issues when updating drivers or changing operating systems to Windows 8.1 and users are complaining on support forums for companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo or Sony.

After i did update to Windows 8.1  my Fingerprint Sensor Driver not working anymore ! my laptop is Envy-Dv6 7300 ex

There are a number of issues present with fingerprint readers on Windows 10, 8 and 8.1, so we managed to mash-up some solutions that might solve these types of problems.

Fix fingerprint issues on Windows 10

1. Check your fingerprint reader

To get things started make sure you are using your fingerprint reader properly:

  • Make sure you have the same motion and finger position as used when you registered your fingerprint
  • Rub your thumb and finger together to create moisture to help getting a better read
  • Be sure to be consistent with every swipe and keep fingerprint reader in the same position used at registry

There is a pretty big list of things not to do, however we will enumerate the most important ones:

  • Do not use any alcohol-based substances
  • Do not pour liquid directly over the fingerprint reader
  • Do not rub the reader with paper-like materials
  • Do not touch the fingerprint reader with your fingernails or any other objects that could scratch it

2. Update your drivers

In case you are using the fingerprint reader correctly, but it still does not work as it should, the most common issue is triggered when updating your operating system. The latest appropriate drivers for your OS should be installed on your machine for the fingerprint reader to be detected correctly.

To have your drivers up-to-date you should check your manufacturer website and download the latest drivers required. We  recommend this third-party tool (100% safe and tested by us) to automatically download outdated drivers on your PC.After installation things should go back to normal and the fingerprint reader should work correctly. In case you have already installed a driver version that is not working properly follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel (via the Charms bar > Settings)
  • Go to Programs and Features
  • Right click your fingerprint reader software from the list and tap or click Uninstall.
  • Reboot your machine

After following the steps above there should be an unidentified device in Device Manager under the Biometric Devices:

  • Swipe in from the right part of the screen (or move your mouse in the bottom right corner of the screen)
  • Tap or click Search
  • In the search box type “Device Manager” and then select it from the results
  • Expand the Biometric Devices list by taping or left clicking it

After making sure the software was uninstalled correctly download the latest driver version from the manufacturer’s website and install the appropriate driver for your current OS version.

3. Additional solutions

If the issue persists, check out this thorough troubleshooting guide for additional fixes. We compiled a list of nine solutions that can help you fix this problem and restore your fingerprint reader functionality. Many users already confirmed that these solutions helped them fix their Windows 10, 8.1 fingerprint issues, so go ahead and follow the instructions available in our detailed guide.


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