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Hulu is one of the best known on-demand streaming video services of TV shows, movies and behind-the-scenes footage. The services works with NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, and many other networks and studios. Below we’re going through the main features of the Windows 8 app Hulu Plus
hulu plus windows 8
Not so long ago, we were reviewing a third-party app for the XBMC service, called XBMC Remote + and now it’s time to go briewfly through the main features and impressions that the official Hulu Plus app for Windows 8 makes. Of course, to be able to use the service and benefit from the unlimited instant streaming, you will need to have a valid Hulu subscription.

Hulu Plus offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows and acclaimed movies. Watch current season episodes of shows like Modern Family, The Office, Family Guy and many more. Requires subscription. New to Hulu Plus? Try it FREE.

Hulu Plus on your Windows 8 tablet looks neat

If you want to test the service, you can do it, as both the app and the official Hulu service will let you try it out for free for during an entire month, so that should be enough to make up your mind. Shows like Modern Family, The Office, Family Guy and many, many others will be available right on your Windows 8 tablet. One of the latest updates of the Hulu Plus app has added Windows 8.1 support, which brought new features like integrated search and large live tiles.

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Besides the above mentioned shows, your kids will be able to follow their favorite TV Shows straight from your Windows 8 tablet, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Kung Fu Panda and others, with no ads whatsoever. You can choose to view in fullscreen or snap to the side; so that you can watch while you work. This is a really cool feature that you won’t be able to do on an iPad, since multitasking isn’t Apple’s tablet’s forte point. I, for one, do this a lot of times – write something while watching the latest episode from the witty Family Guy show.

If you want, there’s also the handy option of pinning your favorite TV shows for instant access from the Start screen of your Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet. The database of the Windows 8 Hulu app is synchronized with the Charms bar, so you can search for the desired content without having to open the app. The Hulu Plus HD service is available for $7.99/month with limited advertising and the app is totally free.

Download Hulu Plus for Windows 8


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