Windows 95 app update supports old Paint and Minesweeper versions

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The Windows 95 app is now available with several exciting pre-installed games and apps following a major update. The first version of the app surfaced online and it can be used on a Mac, Linux or Windows 10 machine. 

The first version of the app was launched on Github in August 2018, the users got a chance to go back to the 90s era by refreshing the memories of Windows 95 versions of MS Paint, WordPad, and Minesweeper.

Windows 95‘s latest build is now available with a pre-installed web browser “Netscape 2.0” that was launched back in 1995.

Windows 95 app gets new update

Furthermore, the latest version also provides you with the opportunity to refresh the sound effects of Windows 95 in your mind as it brings support for sound. Several apps and games have been pre-installed on this old version of Windows with a free virtual disk space of 500 MB. 

While some of the other features that have been added by the developer are: a machine button, improved support for High-DPI devices and ‘Reset’. 

The app also comes pre-installed with Microsoft FrontPage and FrontPage Server and other games. For this reason, the final version has a total size of 300MB.  

Linux, Windows and Mac users can download the Windows 95 app from GitHub

How Users Reacted To Windows 95 Reborn?

Most of the users took to Reddit to express their opinions about the Windows 95 app. It seems like some of them are liked the app just because they missed the older version of Windows. He stated:

I do miss the Windows Classic theme in Windows 7. It was really nice for lower end machines. I don’t know why they took it out.

While others are feeling lucky enough not having to use the older builds just because they just used CPU to render so the build was slower on some machines, less efficient and wasn’t hardware-accelerated. 

Have you tried the latest version of the Windows 95 app? Let us know if you feel any difference as compared to the original version of Windows.  



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