Microsoft acknowledges new Windows Update BSOD bugs

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Windows Update BSOD problems

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Microsoft just acknowledged a brand new issue affecting Windows 10 devices running the latest updates. The tech giant confirmed that your device may experience a fatal crash during system restore.

Microsoft stated that you may see error 0xc000021a in the following specific scenario: clean-install Windows 10, turn on system protection, create a restore point on your system, install your desired Windows 10 updates, and finally try to restore your system.

Microsoft says that in this situation, your system fails to restore your device and displays the above-mentioned stop error.

Moreover, if you attempt to restart your system, all you’ll see is a black screen.

How to fix system restore BSOD after update

The company also suggested a quick workaround to resolve the issue. Microsoft recommends its users to avoid using the Settings app for performing a system restore.

You need to reboot your system and head towards Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). Microsoft says that you may need to reboot your system twice. This issue exists in all Windows 10 versions.

We expect a hotfix to arrive with the upcoming Windows 10 Update. As you all know, Microsoft is working hard these days to add the finishing touches to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update OS.

The company released new Windows 10 cumulative updates to fix existing issues affecting the OS. Moreover, the bug M also rolled out a series of driver and firmware updates for Surface devices.

Windows 10’s bug history started with its initial release back in 2015. We hope that Windows 10 May 2019 Update will not bring any major bugs. However, it remains to be seen how everything turns out as a result of the official release.



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