WordPerfect will not save files? Check these solutions

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by Vlad Turiceanu
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WordPerfect saving files issues

As with any computer document, a WordPerfect file functions can become damaged or corrupted at one point. Users often describe how they can see and open files but cannot further save any of them. The Save dialog box comes up but it doesn’t point to the default file location they’re trying to use.

Others complain about the Save option bringing up a window that requires the name and location to save the file. It also asks for a file type but doesn’t let users insert any type at all. Consequently, they can’t save files.

Do you also find yourself unable to save any WordPerfect files? In this article, we discuss a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you make the program save files again.

What can I do when WordPerfect will not save files?

1. Get Windows and Corel WordPerfect to work together

Corel WordPerfect

An incompatibility issue between Windows and Corel WordPerfect could lead to this problem so find the main WordPerfect program and change compatibility settings manually to run the program in compatibility mode of Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

Go to Start > All Programs > WordPerfect Office. Find the version you’re using, right-click the program icon, hit Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab. Finally, set to Run this program in compatibility mode Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

Not willing to upgrade to Windows 10? Fortunately, we’ve got the right tips to keep using Windows XP forever.

2. Delete the template file for WordPerfect

template file

Corrupt templates may sometimes cause problems with saving files, so try to delete the template file for WordPerfect and reopen the program. WordPerfect will recreate the template on reopening and give you a fresh start.

3. Rename the PerfectFit Document Management folder


Another solution is to enter into Programs Files > Corel/WordPerfect Office > Programs. While here, you need to look for the PerfectFit Document Management folder and rename it to XXPerfectFit.

You might get the Windows warning Do you want to allow…, so click Yes when it happens. It might be a little annoying to repeat this action, yet this brings you back to saving WordPerfect files with ease.

4. Use WordPerfect Troubleshooting


If your computer is not capable of using the Windows XP virtualization or the above steps made no difference, try to right-click on the WordPerfect icon and select Troubleshooting. Let it take you through the entire procedure and confirm that the save function is back to working properly.

If you know of any other fixes we may have missed out on, do tell in the comments area below and we will update the article accordingly.

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