Xanadu Next issues affect many gamers, no fixes available yet

by Madalina Dinita
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Xanadu Next was recently released on Windows PC, allowing gamers to enter a mysterious realm shrouded in mist. Whenever Lake Orwell is engulfed in fog, sailors catch sight of a phantom castle just out of reach. As they draw near, it always fades away, leaving only questions for all who have seen this “Castle Strangerock.”

Your task is to help them uncover the secrets of this mysterious and elusive castle. However, you should always stay alert because this is an extremely dangerous task that may cost you your soul. But first, you’ll need to get the game to work.

May Xanadu Next gamers complain about various issues that range from game crashes to audio issues. The bad news is that there are no workarounds available for many of these bugs.

Xanadu Next reported issues

Control bugs:

  • while using the inventory screen, the skill/spell tabs cannot always be selected by mouse left click, continuing character movement rather than selecting the tab
  • the mouse does not move, and players can’t hover over anything, which means they can’t buy the key in the city. Users also report that when they use their Xbox controller on a merchant, the game crashes.
  • the mouse cursor snaps to the top line of a dialogue tree or a shop dialogue regardless of where the cursor was, forcing users to repeatedly select the top option until they slow down the clicks

Game seems amazing but those controls are a bug armaggedon.[…] Can´t select anything , can´t hover the mouse so it is impossible to buy a key. Outside the merchant i can do well in the dungeon and fight is ok. When i try to move the mouse around the merchant wares the game crashes.What a disaster this port for pc is.Refunding now , game is unplayable.

Crash Bugs:

  • the game immediately crashes after the first custscene in the boat.
  • the game crashes while trying to allocate bonus points after reaching level 3.

Text bugs:

Xanadu Next bugs

  • everytime the character’s name is mentioned in the static narration screens, following the player character’s name, there is always missing text.
  • text parts are missing on certain pop-up windows.

Other Xanadu Next bugs

  • sometimes, there are no sound effects
  • severe stuttering: “I’m still getting VERY heavy stuttering no matter what frame buffer size I choose. 8k acts the same as 256.”
  • the game’s camera sometimes keeps spinning by itself.

These are the most frequent Xanadu Next bugs reported by gamers. If you’ve come across a workaround for some of the issues mentioned in this article, fell free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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