Xbox series X canceled pre-orders are driving gamers mad

by Teodor Nechita
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  • Many users reported that their console pre-orders were cancelled without notice and that they were refunded.
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The launch of the Xbox series S and Xbox series X is just a few weeks away, but November 10 seems much closer than that.

This is especially the case if you are an Xbox enthusiast and have already pre-ordered the devices.

However, that enthusiasm might be cut short, especially if you pre-ordered from certain retailers.

Best Buy canceled Xbox series X pre-orders without notice

Many users have gone onto public forums expressing their confusion as to why Best Buy canceled their pre-orders of the Xbox series X console:

Check your preorder status. Just noticed Best Buy canceled and refunded my Series X preorder.

What makes the situation all the more awkward is that in some cases Best Buy refunded the users without actually confirming the pre-order cancelation:

This scared me. Best Buy charged my credit card but in noticed the other day my card was no longer carrying a charge from Best Buy but it still says I have it ordered.

The main cause of this issue seems to be the number of pre-orders that users made right as Best Buy went live with their Xbox series X.

That being said, even if the orders were made mere minutes apart, Best Buy most likely canceled the once made right after their stocks were officially depleted.

Users aren’t very pleased with this turn of events, since many stated that it would have been more logical to not have their pre-orders canceled, even if it did mean waiting a bit longer for a re-stock.

Yeah I don’t understand their thought process here or why people are having to fight over preorders, should just let everyone place orders and wait for their turn in line as stock gets filled.

All in all, this inconvenience indirectly affects Microsoft’s revenue for the Xbox series X launch, although dedicated Xbox gamers will probably order the console again once the stocks are filled.

Alternatively, they could always try to go to a different retailer, although not too many are available.

Don’t forget that the Xbox series S and Xbox series X consoles will become available on November 10, and that many new things await you as of that date.

These include:

Have you made an Xbox series X pre-order yet? Let us know if you were affected by this supply shortage by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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