Razer Blade Users Have Issues in Windows 8.1, 10

Some owners of the gaming laptop Razer Blade have been reporting some problems with the Windows 8.1 operating system. We go through their complaints and present them to the community.
razer blade windows 8.1
More problems for Windows 8.1 laptop owners. This time, users of Razer Blade seem to be affected, according to some forum postings. The problems seem to be related to GPU issues with Razer Blade and also speakers and headphones. Here’s what one of them is saying:

I bought the laptop from another fellow and completely wiped the drive (mine has 500GB+64GB SSD cache.) I then installed Windows 8.1 and proceeded to install all of the drivers. After all of the installing was done, my headphone jack refused to work, at all. I thought it was a hardware problem, so I opened the laptop to check (out of warranty anyways.) There is absolutely nothing wrong with the hardware, so I continued to uninstall/reinstall drivers. I finally got the headphones to play sound, however, the laptop is not turning the speakers off when headphones are plugged in. Has anyone had this issue before?

And here’s what another one is saying, this time, apparently being struck with GPU problems on his Razer Blade gaming laptop after switching to Windows 8.1.

So my Razer Blade 14 came stock with windows 8.1 and as such, I have had troubles with the GPU. The newer nvidia drivers frequently crash, displaying the message “the display driver has stopped responding” and the performance is inconsistent and lower than the stock drivers. I don`t mind sticking with the stock drivers, but i was wondering why theoretical driver updates are hindering the computer`s performance. Coming from a W230ST, I found that the 765m, being a cool running chip, responded excellently to overclocking, my W230ST often achieved higher fps despite running games at 1080p than the razer running stock clocks at 900p. Whenever i try to overclock, the display driver often crashes, the performance become inconsistent and sometimes the computer blue screens.I have tried MSI afterburner, nvidia inspector, evga precision x and rivatuner.

Have you experienced similar problems after making the switch to Windows 8.1? And if you did, what were the measures that you took to overcome the problems? Do share it with us so that we could help the community.