Start menu

The Windows Start Menu is probably the most recognizable graphical user interface (GUI) element in the entire history of Windows. It first appeared in Windows 95, and it is still present today in Windows 10.

Acting at first as the central launching point for all of your installed programs, the Start menu has evolved way beyond that, having incorporated a voice assistant, web browsing capabilities, and more.

It is customizable in pretty much every way imaginable, making this hub a reflection of how you like your PC to be organized.

By accessing the Start Menu, you gain control to other important UI elements that are crucial to Windows 10:

Given the complexity of this element, it is impossible to know all the tricks of using it, and issues are bound to happen, so troubleshooting guides are of great interest as well. More so, this is a frequently updated feature, so news about is just as often posted.

Start Menu troubleshooting guides: