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  • Seeing error 109 on your Adobe Reader can stop you from accessing your files, thus creating problems.
  • To fix this issue, updating the software is the first step to take.
  • For more comprehensive fix guides, don't forget to visit our Adobe Troubleshooting Hub.
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fix error 109 adobe reader

How do I fix Adobe Reader error 109 on Windows 10?

  1. Install latest Adobe Reader
  2. Select the Repair Installation Option
  3. Don’t Open PDFs With the Adobe Acrobat DC Chrome Extension
  4. Download the PDF File Again
  5. Repair the PDF
  6. Open the PDF With Alternative Software

Some Adobe Reader users have stated that an Adobe Reader error 109 error message pops up when utilizing that software. The error message states: There was an error processing this page. There was a problem reading this document (109).

Consequently, they can’t open PDF documents when that error message appears. The error can also block users saving or printing PDFs. If that error message pops up for you in Adobe Reader, or other Adobe software, check out some of the potential resolutions for it below.


1. Install latest Adobe Reader

Adobe reader - error 109

Like any other good software, Adobe Reader receives constant updates, new functionalities and bug fixes. All of them are delivered via software updates. For example, an error 109 dialog box error is shown to have been fixed in a hotfix patch.

If this is your error or not, having the latest and greatest is a good idea. As a bonus, if a PDF file was created in a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader than the one you have installed, you might have trouble opening it.

We recommend you to download the latest version of Adobe Reader in order to be sure you have it all working.

2. Select the Repair Installation Option

Adobe Reader includes a Repair Installation option that might come in handy for fixing the error 109. That setting repairs the software’s installation files. Open Adobe Reader and click Help and Repair Adobe Reader Installation. Thereafter, restart Windows when Adobe notifies you to do so.

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3. Don’t Open PDFs With the Adobe Acrobat DC Chrome Extension

If you’re utilizing the Adobe Acrobat DC Chrome extension to open PDFs, save the PDF to a folder so you can open it with the Adobe Reader desktop software outside the browser. Adobe’s browser extensions aren’t always as reliable as its standalone software for opening PDFs. A PDF will not open if there’s a corrupted browser plug-in.

4. Download the PDF File Again

It might be the case that there’s something up with the PDF file. If it didn’t download correctly (otherwise a partial download), the PDF might be corrupted. So, if you downloaded the PDF, download it again.

5. Repair the PDF

Error 109 can also be due to a corrupted PDF file. So fixing a corrupted PDF file might fix error 109. You can repair PDF files with the Sejda Repair PDF utility as follows.

  • First, click here to open Sejda Repair PDF in your browser.

  • Click the Upload PDF files button there to select a document to repair.
  • Alternatively, you can click the small arrow on the Upload PDF files button to select a document from cloud storage.
  • Then press the Repair PDF button.

There are also various PDF repair software for Windows. DataNumen PDF Repair, SysTools PDF Recovery and Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery are a few utilities worth noting. However, those repair utilities aren’t freeware packages.

6. Open the PDF With Alternative Software

If you’re sure the PDF is not in any way corrupted, try opening the document with alternative software. That might not really be a fix for error 109, but alternative PDF software might at least open the document. Foxit Reader is one of the most highly rated freeware alternatives to Adobe Reader that you can open and edit PDFs with. Click the Free Foxit Reader Download on this page to check out that software.

Those are a few resolutions that might fix the “Adobe Reader error 109” issue. If you any other fix that fixed error 109 for you, feel free to share it below.

FAQ: Learn more about Adobe Reader

  • How do I get Adobe Reader?

You can easily get Adobe Reader by clicking the link in the first solution of this guide.

  • What is the difference between Adobe Acrobat and Reader?

Adobe Reader is a free app that allows you just to open PDF files, while Adobe Acrobat has some more features available and is not free.

  • Do I need Adobe Reader on my computer?

It is recommended to have Adobe Reader on your PC, as you might need it to open a PDF file at some point.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

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