Review of Amazon App for Windows 10/11

On Amazon, you find almost anything you would want

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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  • The Amazon app makes buying and viewing products from Amazon far easier.
  • This guide below will give a short review of how good the app is and much it makes shopping easier.
Amazon App windows 10

Alongside eBay, Amazon is the world’s most-known internet shopping website. You can find just about any item you want, both used and new, and at very good prices.

The online store is available for everyone worldwide, and it offers anyone the possibility to buy almost any item (depending on the seller’s shipping policy). And now there’s an Amazon app for Windows 10 and RT.

Furthermore, Amazon offers awesome deals on special occasions like Black Friday and Christmas. Also, buyers can compare prices and find the very cheapest ones.

Amazon is probably the best place to shoot this season, and be sure to look at their deals, where you will find great presents for every family member.

Amazon comes to Windows 10

Amazon has already delighted us with top-notch mobile applications for Android and iOS, and it has now come to Windows 10.

The app is free to download from the Windows Store, and it provides shoppers with lots of interesting features, but there is also room to improve. We’ll take you through the app and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.

Once you download and install the app, the main screen gives you some of the featured items on the store, which you can add to your wishlist or cart, your Sign-In and Card buttons are available on the upper right side of the screen as well as the search bar.


Also, by scrolling to the right, you can see your Recommended items and another item that might interest you, based on your wishlists. Also, on the same screen, there are the most popular items (books, cameras , and electronics) from the online store and the most searched.

One thing that is missing from this otherwise great user interface is the view more button, as you can only see a few from each category, and also, for you to add an item to your wishlist, you will have to open it before doing so.

These would be a great addition in future app versions, and I’m sure that Amazon is already working on them.


By opening your account, you can see your details and your wishlist and also give feedback or sign out from the app. Although these links are very well placed, they will forward you to the Amazon website (apart from Sign Out and Give Feedback).

The option to view your wishlist from the app is not yet supported, and as far as account details and information, these are also only accessible from the website, but I think this is more of a security measure then a drawback of the app.


You can view at any time what items you want to buy by clicking on Card button. This will open an in-app window where a list of items and their prices can be viewed, as well as the total sum you will have to pay.

We also reviewed the eBay app for Windows 10, and if you’ve seen it, you know it does not support in-app purchasing.

Well, Amazon has this feature, and you can easily buy anything from within the app without having to visit the Amazon website.


Another issue the app has, and I’d say this is more of a design flaw, is the filtering for search results. Although it works pretty well, its design is not as good as you would expect.

If you have added a filter that you didn’t want, or if you change your mind, you have to remove all the filters, not just a particular one.

Amazon app evolution

Amazon made many changes to the app after its launch. After many tests, they launched a big update with improvements and bug fixes in 2014. During the spring of 2016, they announced a new app for Windows 10 devices, to boost customers’ experience.

In the summer of 2016, Amazon stopped the support for Windows phones, but they launched the new app for Windows 10 PCs. However, the app from our review can always be used despite its age and the fact that it is “not-so-popular”.

Update: Amazon app for Windows 10 is a web wrapper that makes it similar to native site browsing. Even if this app might be the last for PC users, we observed some clues showing to a future mobile app.

In the app description, there is an Amazon icon that seems to be designed for mobile. The most optimistic users take that as a sign.

However, the Amazon app is still great for shopping, especially if you do not want to use your browser while doing it. Let’s see its strong and weak points.

Amazon for Windows 10 – Pros and Cons

These are the areas that impressed us the most about the app:

  • Easy to use
  • Clean and responsive UI
  • In-app purchase

But as good as it is, there are a few aspects that should be improved in the app:

  • No “view more” for any category of items
  • Filtering is awkward and not very intuitive
  • No possibility to edit your account from the app (might be a security feature, but still, it would have been nice to have this feature)

Final Thoughts

Although not without its issues, Amazon for Windows 10 is a great app that has many features and a very clean UI. All of these make it a must-have app for Amazon users, and thanks to its in-app buying feature, users will be able to purchase items without needing to visit the online store.

From a performance point of view, the app is rock solid, having no connection issues and no crashes during the testing period. Also, its search and share options work flawlessly and very fast.

Amazon for Windows 10 has all the ingredients of a great app, and after the developers will iron out all the minor kinks in the design of the app, it will be without reproach.

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