Amharic Typing Software for PC [Top Picks]

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amharic typing software
Amharic is a Semitic language from the family of Afro-Asiatic languages. It is spoken mainly by the Amharas of Ethiopia with approximately 30,000,000 speakers. The language is however not left behind where technology is concerned, and in this article, we’re going to show you some of the best Amharic typing software for Windows.

What’s the best Amharic typing software?

Amharic Keyboard

amharic keyboard amharic typing software

The Amharic keyboard was developed by Snack Apps and available on Microsoft Store. The app was released on the 15th of May 2016, and it should work on both your phone and desktop PC.

The keyword works like any other virtual keyboard allowing you to add various symbols and punctuation marks, and it’s incredibly simple to use.

Download Amharic keyboard

Need Arabic typing software? Try one of these great applications!

Keyman Amharic

Keyman Amharic amharic typing software

The Keyman Desktop application allows Windows users type in multiple languages including the Amharic. Keyman Desktop is an open-source application that automatically re-configures Windows OS to accept and understand the Amharic language.

The application is available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, and there’s also a web version available as well. Overall, the Keyman Amharic should work on any device, regardless of the platform you’re using.

Get Keyman Amharic


lexilogos amharic typing software

Lexilogos is a web service that works as an Amharic Keyboard. The service allows you to letters simply by clicking them with your mouse, or you can type certain combinations of letters in order to generate specific characters. The service is quite simple to use, and there are dozens of other languages available, which makes Lexilogos a web-based virtual keyboard.

Try Lexilogos

There you go, these are the best Amharic typing software that you can find online, so be sure to try any of them.


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