Angry Birds Stella Game Available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 [Download]

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Angry Birds Stella, initially released on September 4 2014 for iOS, Android and Blackberry, has recently become available in Windows Phone Store as well. This is another confirmation that the Windows platform for mobile devices has become stronger – hence the developers’ interest for Windows Phone.
angry-birds-stella-available-for-windows-phone-8-and 8.1
The game offers a gameplay similar to the other Angry Birds titles.  Your mission is to to shoot the pigs with a limited number of birds, and score the highest. This Angry Birds sequel is free to play, however, there are additional in-app purchases available.

Join Stella and her lady friends and help them  to protect Golden Island from the Bad Princess and her piggies. There’s no time to waste. This bad princess has stolen their scrapbook and is now destroying their magical book.   Discover their superpowers on the way and complete all the 120 levels in this slingshot adventure.

Here’s a list of the game features:

  • Play over 120 levels;
  • Slingshot your way through the treetops of golden island.
  • Meet the fierce flock. Six fun birds with unique personalities.
  • Master the moves. New kick-ass superpowers – tap and hold to target attacks.
  • Stop the bad princess! Her pesky piggies are wreaking havoc across the island.
  • Complete your scrapbook. Collect pics and wacky outfits to use in the game.
  • See friends’ scores. Then try to beat them.
  • Scan your telepods. You can bring extra-special birds into the game.
  • Enjoy lush graphics.
  • You can aim Stella again after the first launch. Tap where you to hit, slide and then lift your finger to send her speeding towards the target.
  • The blond bird can turn like a tornado. When you’re over the target, lift your finger and let her attack.
  • The number of avian projectiles depends on how many stars you’ve previously got. Sometimes, if you didn’t won many stars, you can get only one bird available for the next level.

The app is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. You need only 29 MB to download the game.

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