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Application load error 65432 is a Steam error message that pops up for some players when they try to launch Skyrim and other Bethesda games. Consequently, players can’t play Skyrim when that error arises. However, some players have found resolutions for the error at hand.

Is the Application load error 65432 bothering you when starting Skyrim or Fallout 4? Firstly, go for the game files verification over the Steam client. That should fix possible corruption of affected games. Alternatively, delete the file and try again. If the error is persistent, run the Steam client as an Administrator.


Read the detailed instructions of each suggested solution below.

Learn how to fix Steam error Application Load Error 65432

  1. Verify the Integrity of the Game’s Files
  2. Delete the File
  3. Run Steam and the Game as an Administrator
  4. Turn Off Antivirus Software

1. Verify the Integrity of the Game’s Files

First, verify the integrity of Skyrim’s files to ensure those files aren’t corrupted in any way. To do so, open the Steam client software.

  1. Click Library in Steam.
  2. Right-click Skyrim, or another game that the error arises for, and select Properties.
  3. Click the Local Files tab on the window that opens.
  4. Then select the Verify Integrity of Game Files option.Verify Integrity of Game Files Steam
  5. Restart Steam after verifying the game files.

2. Delete the File

A lot of players have confirmed that deleting the file fixes the “application load error 65432.” So, that might be one of the best resolutions for it. Follow the guidelines below to delete the file.

  1. First, close Steam if it’s open.
  2. Press the Windows key + E hotkey to open File Explorer’s window.
  3. Open the Steam folder in File Explorer. The default path for that folder is: C > Program Files (x86) > Steam.
  4. After opening the Steam folder, select the file.
  5. Then press the Delete button to erase the file.

delete file explorer

3. Run Steam and the Game as an Administrator

  1. Some users have also said that running Steam and Skyrim with admin rights can fix the “application load error 65432″ error. To do that, right-click the Steam icon you usually open the software with.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab shown directly below.compatibility mode
  3. Then click the Run this program in compatibility mode checkbox.
  4. Click the Apply button, and select the OK option to close the window.

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4. Turn Off Antivirus Software

The application load error 65432 can also be due to third-party antivirus software blocking games. Therefore, turning off third-party antivirus software before launching Steam might fix the issue. Right-click the antivirus utility’s system tray icon to open a context menu from which users can usually select a disable or turn off the option.

Most antivirus utilities also include exclusion lists that users can add software to. Thus, adding Steam and Skyrim to an antivirus software’s exclusion list might also fix application load error 65432. Open the antivirus software and look for an exclusion tab within its settings. Then add the Steam and game folders to the exclusion list.

The above resolutions will probably fix application load error 65432 for most players. However, players who have fixed the same issue with alternative resolutions are welcome to share those fixes below.


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