• Streaming and podcasting became popular amongst gamers, singers, and people who are fond of technology, so there is need for a professional audio editing software.
  • For a better streaming experience, professionals may need noise cancelation software in order to eliminate any other background voice that lowers the quality of streaming.
  • Besides Adobe Audition that has a lot of audio mixing and mastering tools, we found other software that professionals can find very useful.
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Download audio mixer software for streaming

Internet users who frequently resort to streaming services for gaming, music, or just chatting, will be interested in finding the best possible audio mixer software tools for streaming.

Such programs are designed to not only record and edit audio, but also to forward it to other streaming services. And some of them support live streaming, too.

In this article, we are taking a look at our favorite audio mixer software solutions that can be used with streaming services.

What are the best audio mixer software for streaming?


Adobe Audition (recommended)

The Adobe Audition main window

Adobe Audition is a DAW software solution that allows you to record sound in multi-track mode, make changes to the audio without leaving permanent scars, as well as restore audio content.

You can also edit the waveform while keeping in mind that, unlike mixing mode, this can make modifications to the original sound.

Featuring a sleek and sophisticated interface, Adobe Audition comes with a lot of practical audio mixing and mastering tools that you can freely explore that your own pace.

For instance, you can set the music to the required length automatically with Adobe Sensei, adjust the volume level with an auto-ducking tool, as well as make changes to the amplitude in waveform editing mode.

Furthermore, Adobe Audition can get rid of white noise with the Spectral Frequency Display, use more than 50 effects and analysis tools, apply custom effects, as well as create podcasts.

Live streaming is possible for Twitch, OBS and any other streaming service.

Download Adobe Audition free


Traktor Pro 3

Traktor Pro main window

Traktor Pro 3 is a DJ software tool for mixing audio professionally. It features four decks for audio playback. With a stylish and customizable interface, it can be used as powerful audio mixer software for streaming services, including live streaming.

The program can detect beats, align the track grid, synchronize the track tempo, and control the grain on its own. It comes with sampling and looping modes, together with waveform viewing mode for DJs who prefer visual mixing.

As far as effects are concerned, Traktor Pro 3 boasts many options like flanger, delay, and filter. To operate the relative levels and frequencies, you can use a mixer with four channels, where each channel corresponds to a virtual deck.

 Download Traktor Pro 3

When working on a mix, you can broadcast it on the Internet using Master Out. To do this, you must configure the audio recorder preferences and prepare Traktor for broadcasting.

Then, you can adjust the recording level and begin streaming. The tool uses the Icecast streaming protocol, which means that you must connect to a remote computer that runs as an Icecast server.


Serato DJ Pro

The main window of Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro is another professional audio mixing program for DJs. It’s delivered in a dark-themed interface and contains easy-to-use functions for those interested in mixing, recording and streaming their music.

The application can be synced with other devices, typically in your local area network. You can explore up to 46 effects to add flavor to your music, analyze the key of your tracks, and play a set with up to eight samples. iTunes is supported.

The waveform displays different colors so that you can easily tell apart the bass (red) from the mids (green) and the treble (blue). By placing eight cue points on each track, you can quickly spot them in waveform mode and control them using your hardware.

 Download Serato DJ Pro

There’s also a Sync feature that can match the BPM of your audio tracks, thus enabling you to focus on something else. Moreover, you can activate auto, saved or manual loops. The local and streaming audio files are counted separately so that you can easily keep track of them.

Serato DJ Pro integrates SoundCloud and Tidal, thus giving you the possibility to stream music using these two services.


Voicemeeter Banana

The main window of Voicemeeter Banana

The application with the smallest size on our list is Voicemeeter Banana, an advanced virtual audio mixer available for free on Windows systems. It can be used in association with various streaming services, including OBS, Twitch, and Discord.

The tool has a clean graphical interface that reveals five input and five output channels. Three out of each five channels are for hardware like microphones, speakers, headphones and virtual cables, while two of each five channels are virtual for computer playback.

To set up Voicemeeter Banana with a streaming application, you must pick a virtual output channel that flows through the input channel of your streaming tool.

Once the connection is successful, the streaming program should receive all audio generated by Voicemeeter Banana, such as voice or computer sounds.

 Download Voicemeeter Banana

Then, you can tinker with the various sound settings supported by Voicemeeter Banana. For instance, you can reduce the background noise or split channels so that you can listen to music on your computer without also forwarding it to the streaming service.

When it comes to audio controls, Voicemeeter Banana lets you make tweaks to your voice with the help of various controls, such as an equalizer with three bands, binaural or modulation effect, compressor, and brick limiter.

Audio Mixer Software FAQ:

  • Do I need an audio mixer for streaming?

For a better quality of the sound, musicians prefer an audio mixer, as it allows you to be flexible while streaming. With audio mixer professionals can remix in live-time the sound of the instruments and, as well, can change the feature of the sound.

  • Should I get a mixer or audio interface?
It depends on your needs, so an audio interface software is suitable only for recording music and ensure you that those audio signals routed through the interface are not going to waste. A mixer is a perfect option for a professional that wants to remix and change the sound in live-time.
  • What is the most popular live streaming app?
Definitely, the most popular live streaming apps are Telestream Wirecast, Gameshow, 1AV Streamer and Streamlabs.

Conclusion on audio mixer software for streaming

With the right tool by your side, you can effortlessly integrate audio mixer software solutions with streaming services so that you can play with your friends, chat with your YouTube followers, or mix music.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below which audio mixer did you chose and why.