How can I back up my Origin game saves

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Backup origin Game Saves

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest video-game publishers on the market today.

It published countless memorable titles such as the FIFA or the Dragon Age series.

It even released its own proprietary client that acts as a library, marketplace, news reading site and messenger with all things EA-related.

This client is known as Origin, and like all pieces of software, it too has the ocassional bug in the system.

If you already use Origin, then you know how all of your games can either be saved locally or in the cloud.

However, sometimes bad Internet connection can lead to an error in the cloud save.

Additionally, locally saved games mean you can keep your place in-game the next time you play, and restore a local save to overwrite a cloud save.

Backup or transfer Origin games to another pc

One thing you need to remember before you start is that you have to backup any save files before you uninstall the game itself, or even Origin.

If you do that, the game saves will be gone as well, and you’ll be left with just the cloud save.

  1. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer
    • You can do this by pressing Windows + E
  2. Go to your Documents folder
  3. Find the Electronic Arts folder
    • Right-click to Copy the entire folder if you’re uninstalling all of your games or Origin
    • If you’re only uninstalling one or some of your games, open the folders for those specific games and find the Saves folder, right-click it and Copy them individually
  4. Paste the game save in whatever location you use to store your backups

Origin Game saves location


If you want to reinstall Origin or your games later, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go back to the Electronic Arts folder and paste the game saves wherever they should be.
  2. Launch Origin
  3. Go to your Game Library in Origin
  4. Right-click on your game
  5. Select Game Properties
  6. Click Cloud Saves
  7. Choose Restore Save
    • You’ll be prompted with a message stating that You are now reverting to a locally stored save file…
  8. Click OK

Restore Origin Game save

The same can be done if trying to continue playing the same game saves from a different PC.

Keep in mind that you can only restore your last saves on games that have cloud saves, so rollbacks will not be possible.


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