Battlefield 1 SLI flickering is a neverending curse for gamers

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Battlefield 1 recently received two important patches: The BF1 December Update 12132016 and a new Nvidia Geforce Game Ready Driver. The game has been affected by SLI flickering for a long time and gamers hoped these two updates would completely fix this bug once and for all.

To their surprise and disappointment, the annoying Battlefield 1 SLI flickering issue is still present to a certain extent. For some players, the flickering is so bad that it makes the game unplayable.

Battlefield 1 fans are tired of the entire situation and wish that EA DICE and Nvidia better collaborate to fix this bug. Unfortunately, Nvidia says that DICE needs to patch the game, while DICE argues that it is Nvidia that needs to release a dedicated driver. The two companies simply continue to pass the buck while players have to find ways to deal with this bug.

Battlefield 1 SLI flickering limits the gaming experience

Yes flickering is still present, a lot every time you spawn and every now and then a texture will flicker somewhere on the map rather than all of it. in terms of sli, the game went from unplayable to playable even if still slightly annoying.
Also fps is much worse in windowed mode rather than fullscreen, I have a 3440×1440 widescreen monitor and like to multitask,i.e. have the game open within a window.

The good news is that the two recent updates combined have reduced Battlefield 1’s SLI flickering. The issue is still present, but it’s less severe for most gamers. Players still get some flickering here and there, but at least the issue is not as ever-present as before. Many gamers report that flickering appears mostly at the beginning of the round when choosing a squad. It lasts for 3 to 5 seconds, then disappears.

Have you installed the latest Battlefield 1 update and Nvidia’s 376.33 driver? Is your BF1 gaming experience better now?



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