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We certainly don’t lack cooking and recipe apps for Windows 8 users, but BBC has decided that there’s room for one more as it has just released its Good Food app in the Windows Store. Read below for more details on it.
bbc good food windows 8 app
Up until today, BBC had in the Windows Store only the paid version of BBC Good Food app for Windows 8, but now the free version has been made available, as well. My guess is that the paid one will be removed, since the new version also lets you buy separate recipes, if you are interested. I’ve played with the app for a few minutes and you can see for yourself in the video from below that it looks gorgeous and everything moves really fast inside. You can also have a look at the BBC Earth Wonders app, as well.

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Cook in style from your Windows 8 tablet

Whether you’re looking for weekday inspiration, trying to cook the perfect steak or attempting your own homemade ice cream, get cooking with the new BBC Good Food app. This app lets you buy and store all the existing BBC Good Food cookbook apps, and organise your favourite recipes in one place. The app is free to download, and comes with 20 of our favourite recipes, like, Beef & beer pie, Summer vegetable curry and Chocolate & raspberry pots. It also includes a basic glossary of ingredients and techniques, to get you started.

windows 8 app bbc good foodThere are enough free recipes to get you started and what’s really cool is that there is also a basic glossary of ingredients and techniques which will prove out to be really useful to those who’re just starting out in the world of cooking. Every recipe also comes with nutritional information such as kcals, protein, carbs, fat, saturated fat, fibre, sugar and salt per serving. This is really great feature as it doesn’t teach only how to cook but also how to watch over your health.

The app looks just as great on desktop and on touch device, and it comes with plenty of recipes divided in the following categories: Healthy with such options like salmon & ginger fish cakes, thai beef stir-fry and Indian butternut squash curry; Quick with Quick lamb biryani, Parmesan spring chicken and easy puds;  One-pot  with Sausage casserole with garlic toasts to One-pot mushroom and many others. Follow the link from below to download it and have a look at the above video for more insights.

Download BBC Good Food app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1


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