5 Best Browsers to Make Vimeo Load Faster

Excessive buffering can make videos unwatchable, so fix the issue

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  • The below browsers for Vimeo provide the best overall viewing experience for Vimeo videos and also have faster browsing/loading speeds.
  • Browsers that support the most HTML 5 multimedia features are good choices for watching videos on Vimeo.
  • The best browsers for Vimeo also include features like built-in VPN, video compression, Picture-in-Picture, and ad blockers.
best browser for vimeo
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Vimeo is a site for sharing video content that’s among the foremost YouTube alternatives. Although Vimeo can’t match YouTube in terms of breadth of content, it’s a more artist-focused video website.

Whilst almost anything or everything goes on YouTube, Vimeo places more emphasis on quality than quantity with stricter submission guidelines. Therefore, Vimeo’s videos are generally of better quality.

You can watch Vimeo videos in any browser that can decode H.264 clips. However, some browsers are better optimized for video playback and live streaming than others.

The best browsers for watching Vimeo content support a wider range of HTML 5 video and streaming specifications and have some nice complimentary video features. The browsers below are five of the best for watching Vimeo content.

Why does Vimeo keep buffering?

Buffering is the process of pre-downloading video data into a buffer. However, the process can sometimes cause interruptions (pauses) in video playback with little white circles.

Video buffer interruptions can happen when watching streamed or non-streamed clips on Vimeo. It usually occurs because of slow internet connections or high bandwidth usage.

Excessive buffering can make videos unwatchable. If you need to fix persistent buffering, try applying some of these possible resolutions:

  • Select a lower video quality option (or Auto) in Vimeo
  • Disconnect (turn off) other internet-connected devices
  • Close background programs and browser tabs
  • Try restarting your router/modem
  • Disable hardware acceleration within your web browser
  • Clear your browser’s data (cache and cookies)
  • Get a faster internet connection

Which browser is best for video streaming?

Microsoft Edge is more widely recommended for video streaming because it’s one of the few browsers that enable users to watch live streams at higher a 4K resolution. Other browsers’ resolutions are restricted to 720 pixels for streamed content.

An official HTML 5 test site also shows Edge ticks the most boxes when it comes to streaming. Edge supports HTTP live streaming, dynamic adaptive streaming, and all audio codecs for streaming.

Aside from that, Microsoft likes to boast about Edge’s superior battery performance. So, you’ll be able to watch videos for longer on unplugged laptops in Edge than in other browsers.

Which browser is best for Vimeo?

Opera – Best video compression

Opera best browser for Vimeo

Opera is recommended for watching Vimeo content primarily because of its unique video compression technology. Its Rocket Optimizer compression tech reduces both video load times and buffering.

Opera is also one of the best browsers when it comes to general HTML 5 support. It currently scores 518 on the HTML 5 test website, which makes it one of the highest-scoring browsers there.

Opera also has some good video features. Users can watch Vimeo videos out of the browser’s main window with its Picture-in-Picture feature. Video Pickup is an Opera feature that enables users to send videos they’re watching on PCs to mobile devices.

Other Opera features:

  • Integrated ad blocker
  • Watch videos with Opera’s player in the sidebar
  • This browser has a built-in VPN
  • Extended battery life for laptops
  • Built-in screenshot tool


Fast and smooth connection for Vimeo, thanks to the few servers through the built-in VPN.

Google Chrome – Fastest browser

Google Chrome best browsers for Vimeo

Google Chrome is the king of the browsers when it comes to user base at least. It might not necessarily be the greatest browser in terms of features, but it has the best general HTML 5 specification support.

HTML 5 support incorporates video, audio, and streaming specifications. Chrome is among the higher-scoring browsers in those HTML 5 multimedia categories.

Many users love Chrome because of its superior browsing speed. Google flagship’s browser consistently scores highly on various browsing speed benchmarks. So, Vimeo pages and videos will generally load quicker in Chrome.

Other Google Chrome features:

  • Users can pause, fast-forward, and rewind videos with Chrome’s media hub
  • Tab Groups enables Chrome users to group tabs
  • It includes a tab search tool
  • Chrome enables users to sync bookmarks and open page tabs across devices
  • This browser incorporates a Task Manager for tab management

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Microsoft Edge – Best for video streams

Microsoft Edge best browser for Vimeo

Edge is a great choice for watching Vimeo content because it’s the best-optimized browser for internet videos. It’s the only browser that supports all current video codecs and HTML 5 specifications.

Because Edge supports H.265, it’s one of only two browsers with which users can view higher resolution video playback versions. That enables users with suitable PCs to watch Vimeo videos at up to 8K in Edge.

Edge is now a Chromium-based browser. So, you can also add any Vimeo and other video-enhancement extensions at Chrome Web Store to Edge.

Other Edge features:

  • Edge’s sleeping tabs feature sleeps inactive page tabs
  • Users can play Edge’s built-in Surf game
  • This browser has a dark mode customization option
  • It includes four alternative page layout settings
  • Microsoft Edge also incorporates a Picture-in-Picture mode for videos

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Safari – Best for HDR video

Safari best browser for vimeo

Apple’s Safari browser is one of the few browsers that support all HTML 5 video specifications. In that respect, it’s among the best optimized for watching Vimeo videos.

You can enjoy watching Vimeo videos in higher 5 to 8K resolutions within Safari (hardware permitting). Therefore, Safari enables better video picture quality than alternative browsers on macOS platforms.

Safari (14+) is also the only browser you can watch HDR and Dolby Vision Vimeo videos with on supported devices. HDR videos are those with higher color ranges than standard SDR alternatives.

Other Safari features:

  • Users can group tabs with Safari’s Tab Groups features
  • Safari’s Quick Notes feature enables users to take notes
  • It includes a PiP feature for watching videos in floating windows
  • This browser’s Reader View feature hides ads from page

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UR Browser – Privacy focused

UR best browser for vimeo

UR is a lesser-known browser with the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. This is a similar browser to Chrome with comparable HTML 5 specification support to Google’s flagship browser.

However, the UR Browser isn’t a Chrome clone. It doesn’t include Chrome’s built-in Google trackers. UR also incorporates a more unique built-in VPN, advanced privacy, download booster, and antivirus features.

Users will also appreciate UR’s built-in ad blocker. Even though Vimeo videos don’t incorporate adverts, UR’s ad blocker will still block ads on the website.

Other UR features:

  • UR includes a gallery of HD and 3D home screen wallpapers
  • Its users can group websites into Moods profiles
  • This browser incorporates advanced parallel downloading technology
  • Provides three privacy level options

Get UR Browser

Why is Vimeo not working on Chrome?

Broken Chrome extensions, mismatched cached data, or internet connection issues are potential causes for Vimeo videos not working. These resolutions might fix Vimeo not working in Google Chrome:

  • Clear Chrome’s cache and cookie data
  • Reset Google Chrome
  • Disable all enabled extensions in Google Chrome
  • Clear the DNS cache with the flushdns command
  • Reset your router
  • Disable hardware acceleration
  • Reinstall Google Chrome

Those are some of the best browsers to take your pick from for watching Vimeo videos. Those browsers offer the best Vimeo video compatibility, HTML 5 multimedia support, and video features.

Of those selected, Edge comes most highly recommended because of its superior video optimization. Apple’s Safari is also a sound choice for Mac users.

Note that the browsers above aren’t just recommended for Vimeo videos. They’re also great browsers for watching clips on YouTube and other video sites to boot.

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