7 Best Browsers that Work Flawlessly on Windows XP in 2022

by Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
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  • Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows XP, but one that is badly outdated and poses security risks.
  • The best browsers for Windows XP and other old operating systems must be light on PC resource usage.
  • Another must-have feature is high security and privacy against the prying eyes on the internet.
best browser for windows xp
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Despite Microsoft stopping support for Windows XP, several people still use the operating system. With this ending support comes the end of security updates for the built-in Internet Explorer browser.

This has made the browser a security accident waiting to happen. However, there are still third-party party browsers that work on old PCs.

Most of these apps either provide security updates or have a compatible version that is highly secure. This guide contains the best of them you can use on Windows XP and other old operating systems.

Which browser is preinstalled on Windows XP? 

The preinstalled browser on Windows XP is Internet Explorer. However, the browser is outdated as Microsoft has stopped supporting the OS and Internet Explorer.

This means the browser is highly insecure, and it’s not safe to connect it to the internet. So, it is better to use other compatible browsers.

Are there any browsers that still support Windows XP in 2022

A series of browsers still provide support for Windows XP and other old PCs. The best of them offer security updates and other benefits.

Some of these browsers will be reviewed in the subsequent sections of this article.

What is the best browser to use with Windows XP?

Opera – Overall best

opera best browser for windows xp

Opera/Opera 36 is the best browser you can use on Windows XP by a fine margin. This is because the browser version available on the operating system packs some top-level security features.

Opera is known for its lightweight. Also, it uses limited system resources, which is one of the criteria for effectively running on old PCs. What’s more, this browser makes some of its latest features available.

You get to enjoy the adblocker that removes ads and disturbing scripts that would have slowed your browsing. Another endearing feature of Opera is its customizable interface.

This allows you to structure the browser to your taste. Lastly, this browser offers so much in the way of productivity.

Other features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Built-in VPN
  • Anti-tracking feature

Get Opera

Maxthon – Low PC resource usage


Maxthon is an excellent browser perfect for Windows XP. According to the official website, the browser only needs 64 MB of hard drive space and 512 MB of RAM.

This browser is one of the most secure apps you can use. It has a built-in ad blocker that effortlessly removes the most stubborn ads.

What’s more, Maxthon has a built-in snapshot tool. This tool can take quality screenshots of important pages without any other add-on.

Lastly, data syncing on this browser is on another level. This is thanks to the clouding syncing feature that allows you to access your data on different devices easily.

Other features:

  • Can import bookmarks
  • High customizability
  • Browsing data importation

Get Maxthon

K-Meleon – Lightweight browser


K-Meleon is an effective app that is known for its lightweight. This browser featuring the same Gecko engine as Firefox only needs 256 MB RAM to run successfully.

Being a Mozilla-based browser, it is unsurprising that K-Meleon has a similar interface to Firefox. One of its enticing features is the numerous built-in customization tools.

You can easily customize the toolbar, menu, hotkeys, and most of its interface. While K-Meleon has many plugins that can be used to extend its features, it is advisable you use it in the cleanest state.

This allows it to perform at its best without any add-on slowing it down. Lastly, K-Meleon is pretty quick for a browser that still works well on Windows XP 32/64 bit, Vista, and other old OSs.

Other features:

  • Highly customizable
  • Works with extensions
  • Low resource usage

Get K-Meleon

Slimjet – Built-in adblocker

slimjet best browser for windows xp

Are you looking for a pretty fast browser that works effortlessly on Windows XP? Slimjet is everything you need and more. 

This browser, based on the renowned and speedy Blink engine, works at impressive speed. Whether it is page loading or startup time, the Slimjet makes it look effortless and quick.

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One of the nice features of this browser is its built-in download manager. This feature allows you to download files at an impressive rate not seen in most modern browsers.

What’s more, it features a highly responsive interface that you can always customize easily. Finally, it has a built-in YouTube downloader that you can use to download high-quality videos from the popular streaming website.

Other features: 

  • Photo editing features
  • Social media integration
  • Built-in video recorder

Get Slimjet

SeaMonkey – Best browser for Windows XP service pack 3


If you are looking for a browser with a similar look to some of the earlier versions of browsers, SeaMonkey might be all you need. This open-source browser is a whole suite on its own. 

The suite includes a web browser, as well as an email and news client program. Also, developers looking for a browser to use on Windows XP will surely find SeaMonkey useful. This is because it incorporates an HTML editor, ChatZilla, and other development tools.

Another endearing feature of this browser is the pop-up blocker. This eliminates any pop-up link, which in turn improves your browsing speed.

The tracker blocker also ensures nobody can monitor your activity on the web. Lastly, it has a built-in password manager that helps to keep your sensitive data secure.

Other features:

  • Uses extension
  • Fast and secure
  • Built-in adblocker 

Get SeaMonkey

UC Browser – Secure browser for Windows XP

uc browser

UC browser is an app that puts security at the top of its priority. What makes this browser exceptional is that its latest version completely supports the Windows XP operating system.

An outstanding feature of the latest release of the UC browser is that it can detect and eliminate viruses before they get to your PC. The built-in ad blocker also removes even the most stubborn ads.

This, in turn, speeds up your browsing. Additionally, this browser has a video function. The feature helps you to stream and download high-quality videos easily.

Lastly, the UC browser has a simple and intuitive interface. 

Other features:

  • Built-in video downloader
  • Low data consumption
  • Impressive page load speed

Get UC browser

Pale Moon – High page loading speed

pale moon best browser for windows xp

The Pale Moon browser is a stripped-down version of Firefox. This is understandable, being a fork of Mozilla’s most popular browser.

This browser is focused on productivity and speed on old PCs and operating systems like Windows XP. It lacks some of the glittering add-on features of modern browsers.

This ensures that nothing weighs it down and consequently strains your PC resources. The Pale Moon browser is compatible with most Firefox add-ons. With this, you can increase its functionality considerably.

What’s more, it has a respectable page load speed, as it runs quickly enough. Lastly, it is important to note that this browser lacks some protective features in modern browsers like sandboxing.

Other features:

  • Fairly secure
  • Pretty fast
  • Easy to customize

Get Pale Moon

How do I update my browser on Windows XP?

Updating your browser on Windows XP is not the same way you do on the latest operating systems. This is because most of the browsers you use have stopped providing support for the OS.

So, you will need to download the installer for the latest version of the browser to update and install it manually.

There you have it: a list and review of the best browsers to use on Windows XP. These apps all have different strong points, but they are all safe.

Do you need a list for current operating systems, like the best browsers for Windows 11? Then check our detailed guide for the best options to choose.

Feel free to let us know the browser that boasts the right combination of features for you in the comments below.

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