5 Best Browsers To Watch Sky Go On All Your Devices In 2024

Note that Sky Go won’t work if you have the latest version of Chrome

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Key notes

  • Watching Sky Go shows using a fast and lightweight browser has never been easier in this era of online streaming.
  • With plenty of security features, Opera is a great choice if you want to use Sky Go online but not with the app.
  • The best browser to watch Sky Go shows on your PC should include Adblocker and VPN features.

Watching online TV has never been easier in this streaming era, including the Sky Go service from Sky TV. Getting access to your favorite shows at the time that is most convenient for you is a remarkable feat.

If you have a Sky TV subscription and want to use the Sky Go service on your Windows PC to watch your favorite TV channels, you will find that Chrome doesn’t support the website anymore.

This happened because Sky Go requires a plugin called Microsoft Silverlight to work, and Google stopped supporting this app recently.

For these reasons, in this article, we will explore some of the best browsers available on the market that allow you to access Sky Go easily.

Can I watch Sky Go on a browser?

Yes, you can watch Sky Go on all modern browsers. However, as mentioned above, the browser must support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

These include Opera One, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. As you can see, there are some issues with Chrome.

There is a workaround to fix the problem on Chrome 42 to 44 versions, but from version 45, there is no solution other than using a different browser.

Does Sky Go work on all browsers?

As we highlighted above, Sky Go won’t work if you have the latest version of Google Chrome because it doesn’t support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

That’s terrible news because Chrome is the most popular browser out there, but you will find below a great selection of software you can watch Sky Go online without an app.

What is the best browser to use with Sky Go on PC?

Opera One – Best for streaming

The Opera One browser is a reliable software option for you to use with your Sky Go account. It loads web pages faster than many browsers out there. In the video streaming department, it performs slightly better than the browsers occupying the second and third positions in this article.

The customization options of Opera One are extensive. The interface and menus are intuitive and easy to use, even for new users.

So, if you’re thinking about switching to a new browser but are afraid of the learning curve, rest assured, you will get the hang of Opera One in just a few minutes.

The capabilities of this browser are firm and can be compared to other browsers without any problem. The privacy strength of Opera One is excellent, thanks to its built-in VPN and adblocker.

Using built-in privacy tools, Opera One prevents many cyber-attacks by blocking virtually all access points, making it impossible for hackers to steal your private information while browsing the Internet.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Incorporated VPNs for geo-restricted regions
  • Intuitive and sleek interface
  • Fast web-page loading times
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Completely free

Opera One

Enjoy the best and fastest streaming of content on Sky GO with the help of this lightweight browser.

UR Browser – Fast and reliable

UR Browser is a very versatile and fast browser that allows you to use the Sky Go web player on your PC without any issues.

The speeds clocked by this browser will save you from lags while video streaming, provide crisp audio reproduction, and without any compatibility issues whatsoever.

This software is our top pick for watching online TV with Sky Go because it combines two of its greatest strengths.

UR Browser also contains a built-in VPN service that can be used to get access to video content from restricted countries and also keeps your information safe from prying eyes online.

This tool doesn’t load any ads or pop-ups, and that is extremely useful in a market saturated with commercials.

There have been issues with Sky Go browser blocking cookies, so make sure that you enable them before starting to watch.

UR Browser

The ultimate browser for private and secure streaming of content, even from geo-blocked regions.

Mozilla Firefox – Good for streaming

Firefox is another great option to watch Sky Go on your Windows 10 PC. It gives you the power to customize the way your browser looks and works by being able to add extensions and add-ons.

In the past years, the number of extensions available for Firefox was reduced considerably, and even though this browser is still one of the best options, some users were disappointed with the change.

Since it was revamped as Quantum, Firefox offers relatively decent loading and streaming speeds. Still, it is hardly comparable with the speeds of UR Browser.

The extensions from the Mozilla App Store can help to protect your privacy but are not as efficient. Third-party companies create them, and the risk of stealing your information remains very high.

Another reason for Firefox being placed at this top in the third place is the fact that users have reported streaming issues with Sky Go.

It is still unclear if an internal server issue from Sky caused the problem, but that caused a lot of users to migrate to other software options.

Get Mozilla Firefox

Safari – Best for Mac users

If you’re a Mac user, the best chance of watching Sky Go on a browser is Safari which still supports Silverlight.

As you know, it’s a decent navigator with plenty of features, and it’s very well blended into the macOS environment.

And although you can still use Safari for Windows, Apple doesn’t recommend it because it doesn’t support the OS anymore.

Safari comes with some excellent privacy protection features like machine learning-powered Tracking Prevention, Password, and anti-phishing protection, and Apple Pay-ready for secure online payments.

Overall, if you want to enjoy Sky Go on your Mac, Safari may be one of the best choices.

Get Safari

Internet Explorer – Best old-era browser

As we all know, Internet Explorer is one of the slowest and most buggy browsers you could use, but it can be useful in specific situations. In this case, IE works well with Sky Go.

Its successor, Microsoft Edge, doesn’t work with Sky Go even though the Silverlight app is created by Microsoft.

However, it will work if you open the page in Internet Explorer mode from Edge but that is not guaranteed either.

The processing and streaming speeds of Internet Explorer are slower than any of the browsers we mentioned in this article. Regarding the online security this browser offers, the offer is close to none.

You can’t extend the capabilities of this software with too many extensions, but you can download an ad blocker to at least be partially protected from ads.

What devices are compatible with Sky Go?

All devices that can open a browser can stream Sky Go content as long as the software supports Microsoft Silverlight.

As you’ve read above, there is a Sky Go browser compatibility problem because Silverlight has been out of support from October 2021.

However, if you have a mobile device, we recommend using the dedicated app on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

In this article, we explored some of the best browsers available on the market that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows online with the Sky Go service.

By far, the best option for this task comes with Opera One, followed by UR. The speed for both streaming and loading pages of this browser is amazing. Alternatively, you can use the Sky Go Windows 10 application.

These browsers can be a blessing if you can’t watch your favorite channels on your Sky Glass due to stuck at software update in-progress issue or your Sky Glass remote is not working. Many also reported that Sky Glass won’t turn on, but we addressed this issue in a separate guide.

Please feel free to let us know if this guide has helped you watch your favorite shows on Sky Go by using the comments section found below this article.

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