5 Best Browsers for Battery Life [No1 is Most Battery-Efficient]

Explore the results of the tests performed by our team of experts

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  • Using the best browser for longer battery life is extremely important for older devices.
  • To determine which browser consumes less battery, you must test several.
  • You'll notice faster loading and downloading speeds, quicker search results, and smoother streaming.
  • Popular browsers such as Opera or Edge have been named, in turn, the most battery-efficient browser.
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Browser power consumption is crucial for both mobile devices and PCs. No matter whether your device is older or newer, prolonging battery life is essential, not just by using certain Windows features, but also by using the right apps.

That said, developers have woken up to the idea of developing software applications that are less demanding in terms of battery power.

Needless to say, the same applies to web browsers given that these are some of the most used applications too.

Which browser uses the least battery?

Yes, browser tabs do drain the battery of your device, as they put a strain on both your CPU and RAM. Even though not all browsers require the same amount of resources, having your battery drained after opening too many tabs is a common occurrence.

To fully understand the level of battery that each of the most common browsers uses, our team of experts has tested them rigorously, ensuring the same testing conditions across the board.

To observe how each browser has performed in the battery tests, our team of experts has used an ASUS TUF Gaming F17 laptop with the brightness adjusted to 200 nits.

Each tested browser went through rigorous processes, including web workload variations. Then, the same tests were repeated for each of the browsers until the battery ran out and the laptop turned off.

The tests were measured in minutes of operation performing the benchmarks, meaning the higher value is better.

Here are the results:

BrowserTest score in minutes
Microsoft Edge529
UR Browser496
Brave Browser485

As you can see from the table presented above, at the top of the list, we have Microsoft Edge with a score of 529, followed closely by Opera, which scored 521.

We were surprised to see how good the new Microsoft Edge browser is regarding battery consumption. Even if there is a difference of only 8 minutes between the two, Opera balances everything out with the number of features and other features.

UR Browser is not that far away from Opera either, with a score of 495, and then close behind we have Brave Browser, which scored 485, thus making the difference almost unnoticeable in normal conditions. However, if you’re worried about extreme situations in which 10 minutes will make a difference, then going with Opera is the safest choice.

Firefox has gotten the 5th place after our test results, and right after we have Chrome, which was able to run the test for 452 minutes, making the difference between this browser and Microsoft Edge a whopping 77 minutes.

Considering all this data, Chrome is the last browser you want to use if you’re trying to save battery.

In today’s guide, we will be discussing some of the most battery-efficient browsers on the market, which, in turn, also shows the browser that uses less CPU and RAM for everyday usage.

Does Firefox use less battery than Chrome?

To answer this question with confidence, our team of testers has taken both of these browsers through rigorous benchmark tests and will present the results to you.

Their tests were performed in the same exact OS conditions, on a separate system, with a fresh installation of the respective browser being used.

Each browser was tested with 10 identical tabs open, and here are the results:

Chrome5 – 13 %1783MB
Firefox3.1 – 4%847MB

As you can see, Firefox uses 3.1 to 4% of the CPU, and 847MB of RAM, thus clearly taking the lead when it comes to resource consumption.

Chrome uses 5 to 13% of the CPU in the test and a whopping 1783MB of RAM, making it too resource-intensive if your goal is to save battery.

So, if you’ve been looking for the most power-efficient browser, give it a shot with one of these.

Which browser is best for battery life?

In this article

Opera – The most battery efficient browser

Developed by Opera Software AS, the Opera browser is known for its integrated ad-blocking feature and VPN.

That adds to its speed and performance while still being secure and private as well.

Not to mention, none of the above-mentioned features take up more resources of your device, since the browser has minimal impact on battery power.

Whether it’s streaming games or video, Opera can keep you going for really long.

It enforces security by protecting from fraudulent sites or malware and phishing attacks. The built-in ad blocker limits the ads which, in turn, leads to a really fast browsing experience.


Whether you’re working, web-playing or just browsing, keep battery life as good as new on all your devices with the Opera browser.

UR Browser – Optimized for privacy and low impact on resources

UR browser is among the safest and most secure browsers out there though it’s also one that sips little battery juice, making it one of the best browsers for laptop battery life.

This is applicable even if you have multiple tabs open or when doing things that can be taxing on the CPU, such as watching a video or listening to music.

UR browser comes with a simple user interface that is easily customizable as well. You’ll get used to the UR browser easily given that it’s based on Chromium, the Google open-source platform that we already know.

Among other features, UR Browser has an integrated download tool that automatically identifies multimedia files on a webpage and can download those for offline viewing.

It also comes with a media center to help organize all the stuff that you have downloaded. What’s more, UR Browser also comes with built-in games that you can make the best use of while away some time.

UR Browser

Open as many tabs as you like in this browser. It won’t slow down your device, nor will it eat up much battery life.
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Microsoft Edge – Fastest browser with a low amount of features

The default browser from Microsoft for the Windows 10 platform also happens to be one of the best when it comes to battery life. Even though it is not the most energy-efficient browser, Edge is better than its predecessor.

Fortunately, that does not come at the cost of performance as the Edge is also one of the fastest browsers you can have in a Windows environment.

Expert tip:


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It is safe and secure too, having enough protection and privacy features onboard for you to carry on sensitive tasks such as banking operations with complete peace of mind.

It can ward off phishing or malware attacks and has the least likelihood of being hacked.

Edge is also constantly being upgraded to offer its users a smart experience. Developers too will find it easy to test their websites and online apps, besides allowing for a consistent experience across the board.

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Brave Browser – Stable browser that doesn’t affect your CPU that much

Brave is a free web browser with ad-blocking being its biggest USP, something that naturally translates to better browsing speeds.

No wonder the company claims to have up to 8-times the speed advantage over contemporary browsers such as Chrome. That said, the browser is also known to provide an extended battery experience as well.

Whether playing online games or streaming video, the Brave browser is one that won’t let you down in terms of battery life.

Another key feature of Brave is the secured environment it provides for you to carry on with your browsing. Apart from ads, Brave also blocks the tens of trackers that are often present on even the most popular of sites.

The company takes pride in the ad-blocking and data optimization abilities of the browser which it claims can help save a lot of data and hence money in the process.

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Mozilla Firefox – Expanded customization with a large number of addons

Firefox, developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corp., is among the most popular browsers today.

Much of that has to do with its ability to perform with very little battery power while still being extremely secure and fast.

The browser also supports a host of plugins that further adds to the browser’s appeal.

It is also less intensive on the PC’s resources, with the company claiming it to be 30% lighter on the RAM than Chrome.

The company has also launched the Firefox Quantum, which claims to be the epitome of security, privacy, and speed while also being incredibly light on the battery.

It also offers several themes that allow you to personalize your browsing experience, while the thousands of extensions it supports only adds to the browser’s appeal.

Get Mozilla Firefox

What is the best browser for battery life on Windows 11?

The best browser that can extend your Windows 11 device’s battery life is Microsoft Edge, which was capable of running our benchmark tests for 529 minutes. Close behind, we have Opera with 521 minutes of operating time for the same test.

Even though Edge scored better running times than its competitor, when considering all aspects of what the browsers offer, we suggest you use Opera for better results. In addition, the built-in VPN and adblocker ensure your online security is respected at all times.

What is the best browser for battery life on Mac?

Our testers have concluded that the best browser to use on Mac regarding battery life is Opera, followed close behind by Safari.

Their recommendation is based on the amount of incredibly-useful features that Opera has, making the Mac experience more immersive and readily customized.

If you don’t want to optimize your online experience, Safari is still an excellent native browser for Mac devices.

What is the best browser for battery life on Android?

To answer this question, we must first clarify what you will use your phone for, as this significantly influences the result.

To understand what parameters need to be considered when figuring out how will you predominantly use your Android device, please read on:

Browser typeSuggestionsFunctions and featuresUtility

A more significant number of featuresPro: Usage versatility is considerably extended

Con: Larger impact on system resources
Lightweight Opera MiniFewer functions and featuresPro: Faster processing speed and lower resource impact

Con: Functionality is reduced but still great
General browser categories

Looking at the table above, try and figure out what needs you want to cover with your choice of browser.

If you are interested in versatility, customization, and a variety of useful features, then going for a so-called normal browser is the best option.

If you are only interested in speed and longer battery life, then going for a lightweight browser will ensure that will happen.

For more detailed information regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to explore some of the best browsers with low-system resource consumption.

What is the best browser for battery life on iOS?

Regarding iOS devices, the best browser for battery life is Safari. This native browser ensures your device can browse the internet efficiently and doesn’t affect your battery levels.

As an alternative to that, you could also try downloading Dolphin Browser. Even though some users have complained about stability issues, some are very happy with their choice.

This makes for a list of browsers that are among the most energy-efficient. We hope that you’ve found the best one for your needs.

If your device is discharging fast, here’s how to fix Windows 11 battery drain issues and get your device to run better.

What’s your weapon of choice for browsing? Tell us in the comments section below.

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