3 best browsers with Parental Controls for online safety

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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  • If your kids are frequently using the internet, you need to install a browser that supports parental controls.
  • Protecting kids from accessing inappropriate content that could make them feel upset, confused or develop potentially dangerous behaviors is paramount for all the parents.
  • In this guide, we'll explore 3 of the best parental control browsers parents can use to monitor and control what websites their kids can access .
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best browser for parental controls

If your kids are frequently using the internet, you need a reliable parental control browser. Using a reliable browser for kids protection gives a parent some level of control over what their kids are doing online when unsupervised.

You cannot always be with your kids or monitor all the devices they can log in to at all times.

Your kids are at risk of visiting sites you use. Or their activities have the capacity to spring up some children unethical sites, illegal, or graphics sites. But with the right browser software, parents can stay in control.

Parents can screen, restrict or outrightly block any unwanted sites from their kids or wards. This article presents 4 of the best browser for parental controls.


Take control of your kid’s browsing habits with these browsers

UR Browser for Parental Control


UR Browser best browser for parental controls

UR Browser presents users with a resourceful, easy-to-use and user-friendly browser with features to help secure the user experience.

What makes UR Browser one of the best browsers for parental control includes it VPN, ad-tracker and virus scanning features. With these features and more UR browser can unblock any site, keep your kid’s activities safe from malware, phishing and go unnoticed by third-party users.

Limit your children access to sketchy websites with these internet filtering tools.

Incorporating these features does not take away from the performance you know other popular browsers to have. But it is just an added advantage to give you a secure and better browsing experience.

With UR Browser you enjoy the Ninja mode for your security of data, 4 x faster downloads and more. It is built on Chromium technology like the most popular browsers hence you enjoy same benefits with more features this time. Simply visit the Chrome Web Store to download and install the parental control extensions and keep your kids safe.

Download UR Browser now

Google’s Kiddle Parental Control browser

Kiddle browser for parental control

Kiddle by Google is an innovative browser with parental controls. It presents one of the children-friendly browsers that aid their home research but requires parent’s supervision.

Kiddle offers suggestions with relevance to the kids when they conduct searches using the browser. It provides responses that are closer to the kids’ language rather than what would be more relevant to adults.

However, there are additional steps to take to further restrict your kid’s access to more unwanted sites than just using Kiddle search. You might need to download and install extensions and or manage Chrome access to keep children within limits.

Download Kiddle

Qustudio Browser for Parental Control


Qustudio browser best browser for parental controls

Qustudio is an exciting and innovative design that can stand as the best browser for parental controls with its array of features. Qustudio works across multiple devices and platforms on Windows and even your smart devices to help filter your kid’s online presence. It offers z  free and paid version.

With Qustudio parents can determine time schedules, restrictions, and block certain unwanted or pornographic sites from the kids. The paid versions, however, offer better protection, SMS monitoring, social media controls and monitoring per app. It also filters HTTPS for unsupported browsers and tracks your kid’s location to keep them and their activities safe.

The best browser for parental controls cannot replace the parent in securing and guiding the child’s online experience. However, most browsers offer features to restrict or create privacy levels online and could be accessed from browser settings.

The best measures still include installing extensions and reliance on other privacy features, VPN and more to restrict children online activities. And that’s what UR browser offers all in one package.

FAQ: Learn more about keeping your kids safe while online

  • How do I block inappropriate sites on Google Chrome?

To block inappropriate content on Chrome, you need to enable SafeSearch. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch Chrome, and go to Settings
  2. Click on Search Settings
  3. Enable SafeSearch and then Lock SafeSearch.
  • How do I block inappropriate sites on my computer?

Here’s how you can block inappropriate sites on your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Go to Settings > Update & Security
  2. In the left-hand pane, click on Windows Security
  3. Under Protection Areas, click on Family Options
  4. Go to View Family Settings > enable the options you deem necessary to keep your kids safe online.
  • Can parents see private browsing?

Kids can use private browsing or Incognito Mode to delete their online activities and hide what websites they visite from their parents. Parents cannot see their kids browsing history if they used private browsing. Therefore, using parental controls is the safest option.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.