Cortana is very popular among Windows 10 users. Microsoft’s personal assistant can help users in many ways and is now more reliable than ever thanks to the latest improvements it received.

Cortana can search for specific content in Office 365, remind you of important events, and even manage your to-do list. You name it, and Cortana can deliver.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that she is perfect. Users report that this tool sometimes drains laptop battery, won’t send emails and the list of issues could go on. Fortunately, most of these bugs can be fixed using quick workarounds.

If you want Cortana to hear you loud and clear and avoid any misunderstandings, you should use a reliable microphone. Microsoft says that any microphone will work well on Cortana, but users’ experience reveals that it’s better to use particular microphones when talking to her. Microphone quality is crucial for Cortana‘s speech recognition performance.

Here’s what microphones to use on Cortana

Samson Meteorite USB Condenser Microphone (recommended)

Samson Meteorite microphone Cortana

Many Windows 10 users agree that the Samson Meteorite microphone is one of the best microphones to use on Cortana. The device captures high-quality recordings on your computer and is ideal for podcasting, creating audio for YouTube videos and recording music.

Samson Meteorite is ultra-portable, and you can take it anywhere with you. It has a stylish chrome case that will definitely make your computer setup more modern.

The Samson Meteorite mic is an immediate improvement over your computer or tablet’s internal microphone thanks to its studio-quality 14mm capsule, cardioid pickup pattern and dedicated audio conversion path. It successfully captures the natural warmth and dynamics of your voice, and its 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution ensures the best possible audio quality.

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone (suggested)

Samson Go Mic Cortana microphone

Yes, Samson knows how to build microphones. Samson Go Mic is another good choice for Cortana usage and will help your personal assistant to hear you loud and clear. No drivers are required to use this microphone, simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to go.

Thanks to its custom compact design, you can clip it to a laptop or put in on the desk. It is perfect for recording music and podcasting, and is ideal for voice recognition software, VoIP and webcasting.

High-quality components and meticulous engineering ensure the Go Mic offers clear audio reproduction. There are two patterns you can choose from: the tightly focused cardioid pickup pattern, which is perfect for recording podcasts, or vocals, or the omnidirectional pattern, which captures the entire room. You can purchase this microphone on Amazon.

Fifine Plug &Play USB Condenser Microphone

Fifine USB Condenser Microphone Cortana

Plug the Fifine USB Condenser microphone into your computer’s USB port and start talking to Cortana. It is fully compatible with Windows 10 and you don’t need to install any third-party software to use it.

Thanks to its distinctive Cardioid pick-up pattern, it can isolate the main sound source and ignore the background noise. The Fifine mic is perfect for home studio, chatting, Skype, YouTube recording, Google Voice Search and, of course, talking to Cortana.

Don’t hesitate to use it for a wide variety of activities, such as vocals, speech, instrument, or podcast recording. This microphone has a
wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound. The high signal output lets your voice cut through.

Compared to the microphones listed above, the only disadvantage is that this mic requires more space on your desk.

eBerry USB Microphone with Bendable Goose Neck

eBerry USB Microphone Cortana

The eBerry Computer Microphone uses a special high sensitivity and noise-canceling technology for clear and natural sounds. All you need to do is plug the microphone into any USB equipped Windows 10 laptop/PC and you are ready to talk to Cortana.

Its flexible and bendable gooseneck can be adjusted according to your specific needs. Thanks to its practical design and semicircle base, it won’t fall or slip off your desk. Also, the mute button allows you to shut the mic down for private conversations.

Thanks to its -58±3dB sensitivity level, the eBerry microphone can capture even the faintest sounds.

Kinobo USB Mini Microphone

Kinobo Mini Microphone Cortana

If you’re looking for a nearly invisible microphone, then the Kinobo Mini Microphone is the right choice for you. It’s possibly the smallest USB microphone in the world and it works without drivers. All you need to do is plug it in into your Windows PC and you can use it right away.

The Kinobo Mini Microphone captures all the nuances of your voice and is perfect for voice dictation software or Skype. It’s also ultra-portable, you can simply leave it plugged into your Windows 10 laptop.

This microphone can also pick up sound from longer distances thanks to its omnidirectional noise-canceling technology. Don’t let its small size fool you, users confirm this microphone is actually very powerful:

I had also just upgraded to Windows 10 and needed a microphone for Cortana and another application that turns spoken words into text. This little baby plugs into any available USB port on the front of my desktop and is picking up my voice very well from about 2 feet away. Very unobtrusive – takes up no desk space.

We’re sure that the microphones listed in this article will help Cortana hear you better. If you’ve used one of the microphones listed above, you can tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.

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