5 Best YouTube Apps for Windows 11: Free & Paid Options

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  • There is no official YouTube app by Google for Windows PC.
  • You can download and use alternative YouTube apps on Windows 11.
  • Some of the apps allow you to download content or upload videos to your channels.
best youtube app for windows 11
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YouTube is one of the best platforms for streaming and watching random video content. It’s been around for a long time, but Google has yet to release an official Windows YouTube app for the Microsoft Store. However, this guide will discuss the best YouTube apps for Windows 11 that you can download.

What are the benefits of using a dedicated YouTube App on Windows 11?

Using a dedicated YouTube App on Windows 11 instead of accessing YouTube via a browser has many benefits. Some are:

  • You can download it on your PC and watch videos directly through the app.
  • It mostly comes with a free-use policy, meaning most dedicated apps are without subscriptions.
  • Save videos to watch later and like and comment on other content on the app.
  • Some apps allow you to download videos online or on your local disk.
  • Lesser risk of online threats as many users have fallen victim to hackers and intruders through their browsers.

That said, we’ll dive into our list of the best free and paid YouTube apps to download for Windows 11.

Which are the best YouTube Apps for Windows 11?

YouPlay – Genre categorization

YouPlay is the first YouTube app on our list because it is fast and efficient. It has many features that place it above other dedicated apps for YouTube.

Also, it is suitable for Windows 11 and is available for almost any system specifications. One of the most outstanding features of YouPlay is that it doesn’t have any ads and allows you to watch the content without interruptions.


  • Easy to use and doesn’t require technicalities to navigate
  • Has an in-built audio and video player
  • Daily content update with genre categorization
  • Location-specific YouTube charts and see content from the region


  • Videos download is not supported

Get YouPlay

ATube – 4K and HD support

aTube streaming platform

ATube is a free substitute app for YouTube, specifically for Windows 10 and 11. It offers the best video-watching experience through its beautiful and interactive Users Interface (UI).

Also, it allows users to sign into their YouTube accounts, manage their subscriptions, upload videos on their channels, and watch videos.

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It supports 2160p (4K) and 1080p with 60 FPS videos. Also, it allows you to switch to HD video quality depending on your needs.


  • Like, dislike, comment, and interact with the videos
  • User-friendly and ads-free streaming service
  • Supports 4K and HD video streaming


  • Only one option for the display theme
  • You can’t download videos to watch offline

Get ATube

VidTuber – Offline download support

VidTuber streaming platform

VidTuber is a YouTube app with a 4-star+ user rating. It is one of the most interactive apps for watching YouTube videos and has many features users can enjoy. It has an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) to browse popular and trending YouTube videos.

You may sign into your YouTube account, use and manage your YouTube subscriptions, upload videos on your channels, and watch videos.

Also, it allows video conversion from YouTube to MP3 and listening to them offline. In addition, you can also watch and download movies on your PC.


  • Supports offline download
  • Youtube video conversion to an MP3 feature
  • Access to your Youtube account to manage activities


  • The user interface is too basic and may be horrible to stare at for long hours
  • Some users report constant issues with bugs

Get VidTuber

FizzTube – Great for low-end PCs

FizzTube streaming platform

FizzTube is a free-to-use video & music player for Windows 11. Moreover, it is one of the best substitutes for the YouTube app and allows access to millions of free YouTube videos across the globe.

Further, it has features like an interactive User Interface, easy-to-navigate buttons, well-partitioned pages, and ad-free video streaming.

Like in YouTube, you may watch your favorite videos, like, dislike, and comment on trending posts.


  • Offers a quick search feature for easier access to content
  • Suitable for low-end PCs due to fewer data and resource consumption
  • Provides an ad-free video streaming


  • Doesn’t support video download for offline viewing

Get FizzTube

myTube – Constant updates

myTube streaming platform

myTube has an impressively advanced but easy-to-use user interface and a user-friendly theme. Also, you can log into your YouTube accounts and upload videos to your channels.

Amongst its multiple features, you can watch any YouTube videos in all possible resolutions for the best user experience. Also, it stores watch history and allows bookmarking videos in the app to watch later.


  • Supports video streaming across all video qualities
  • Allows access to use your YouTube channel
  • Stores your streaming data and history
  • Constantly being updated by developers


  • Too many ads interrupt the app

Get myTube

How do I choose the best YouTube App for me?

Different apps have various distinct features that set them apart. Hence, consider the following to choose the best YouTube app for you:

  • Check if the app is available on Windows Store for security purposes.
  • If you want to build your YouTube channels, check if the app allows you to upload content.
  • For children, look out for a YouTube app with a simple user interface and parenting control functions.
  •  If you want offline access to your YouTube videos, choose an app with the downloadable video option.

Further, you may be interested in our guide about the best YouTube live-streaming software for Windows 11.

More so, we have a detailed guide on the best YouTube intro maker software for video content creators.

Likewise, you can review our article about the best free video editor software for Windows 11.

In conclusion, these are our top picks for the best YouTube apps for Windows 11. If you have questions about our recommendations, kindly drop them in the comments section.

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