New Bing waiting list bug is annoying, but here’s the fix

The new ChatGPT-powered Bing is the world's first AI search engine

by Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
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  • Microsoft's latest innovation to embrace ChatGPT technology to Bing is met with positive reception.
  • Users have begun joining the waiting list to try the new feature.
  • However, some experienced an annoying bug that accidentally kicks them off the list. 

Microsoft integrates the power of AI into its Bing search engine. Collaborating with OpenAI, the tech giant brings a ChatGPT-like feature to the often-overlooked search engine to allow it to perform complex searches and tasks. 

While it’s not out for the public yet, Microsoft has rolled out a waiting list for those interested. The list is long, but you can sign up & get ahead by setting Microsoft defaults on your PC and installing the Bing mobile app.

However, several users reported that they’ve been locked out of the feature even after receiving a confirmation email that they’re in for the new Bing. 

“I received the “you are in” mail of new bing. But when I access , it only says I can join the waitlist so I tried to join again and I joined successfully. I then tried to ask questions to bing and chat with it since it says I’m on the waitlist. I tried to opt out the waitlist in  to resolve this problem but received “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later.” I think this is a bug. Will I ever be able to access the new Bing?”

The bug is annoying, considering how highly-anticipated this feature is. Some other users even reported that a pop-up message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again” always comes out whenever they want to enlist themselves for the waiting list.

Does this relate to you? Follow along to find out what you need to do. 

How can I fix the Bing waiting list bug?

1. Private browsing

1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser.

2. Click on the vertical ellipsis on your upper right screen ➜ New InPrivate window.

3. With your InPrivate window open, access the New Bing‘s website at and you should be able to see the new Bing by now.

If not, click Join the waitlist again.

2. Alternative login credential (if you have another Microsoft account)

1. With your Edge browser open, access the New Bing‘s website.

2. Click on Sign in on your upper right screen

3. Fill in your email and password ➜ Next.

4. Access The New Bing‘s website & click Join the waitlist.

3. Alternative login credential (if you do not have another Microsoft account)

1. On the Sign in page, click Create one! instead

2. Fill in your desired email and password ➜ Next.

3. Finish the captcha verification until it says Verification complete.

4. The New Bing window will pop up. Click Join the waitlist.

On the other hand, Google has also rolled out its answer to the growing competition in the AI world, Bard. It simplifies complex searches using Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and is currently being tested by several select users.

Are you excited about the integration of AI and search engine? Let us know in the comments!

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