Here’s how to fix Bluestacks black screen on your PC

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  • Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators for Windows 10 and you can use it to play over 1 million mobile games.
  • Many users reported black screen issues while trying to use Bluestacks, blocking them from running any applications.
  • If you want to learn more about this emulator, explore our comprehensive Bluestacks page.
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How to fix Bluestacks black screen on your PC
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Bluestacks is a popular Android emulator for Windows, but many users reported a black screen while using Bluestacks.

This can be a big problem and prevent you from running many applications, and in this article, we’re going to try to fix this issue.

This isn’t the only issue that users encountered, and speaking of issues, here are some common problems that users reported:

  • Bluestacks black screen Intel graphics, Nvidia – Can be caused by driver problems, so reinstall or update them. Changing graphics card settings or running Bluestacks using the integrated graphics may also solve the issue.
  • Bluestacks black screen after loading app, apps not working black screen – The app you’re trying to run is encountering issues, can be solved by reinstalling the app.
  • The Bluestacks screen turns black – Can be caused by the sleep timer, can be solved by downloading the Settings app , and setting the sleep timer to 30 minutes or so.
  • Bluestacks goes to black screen – Occurs if your Bluestacks installation is damaged, can be fixed by reinstalling Bluestacks.
  • Bluestacks black screen after initializing, on startup – Try updating Bluestacks or switch to a different Android emulator.

How can I fix the Bluestacks black screen issue?

  1. Reinstall your graphics card driver
  2. Update your graphics card drivers
  3. Try a different emulator
  4. Reinstall Bluestacks
  5. Run Bluestacks with integrated graphics
  6. Turn off the sleep timer
  7. Turn off the Threaded optimization
  8. Reinstall the app you’re trying to run

1. Reinstall your graphics card driver

  1. Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager from the menu.
    device manager win +X menu bluestacks black screen
  2. Find your graphics card driver on the list, right-click it, and select Uninstall device.
    uninstall device menu bluestacks screen goes black
  3. If available, check to Remove driver software for this device option, and click the Uninstall button to remove the driver.
    uninstall device dialog bluestacks dark screen
  4. After you successfully remove the driver, click Scan for hardware changes icon to install the default driver.
    scan for hardware changes icon bluestacks black screen

Note: Bear in mind that the default driver might not offer the same performance, so if you want to play the latest games, you might want to update it.

2. Update your graphics card drivers

If reinstalling the graphics card driver didn’t solve the problem with Bluestacks and black screen, you should definitely try updating your drivers to the latest version and check if that helps.

If the manual method seems a bit too complicated, you can always use third-party solutions such as DriverFix.

By using this tool you’ll scan your entire system for outdated drivers and choose which drivers you want to update automatically.

The tool is quite simple to use, and you should be able to update all your drivers in just a couple of clicks.



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3. Try a different emulator

NoxPlayerBluestacks is a solid Android emulator, but it’s not the only one, and if you’re having a black screen while using it, perhaps you might want to consider switching to a different Android emulator.

We have already covered the best Android emulators for Windows, but if you’re looking for a good Bluestacks alternative, we suggest that you try out NoxPlayer.

Well, this is not just a simple emulator. For instance, you have a keyboard mapping option accessible with just one click and then you can set the controls on the keyboard, the mouse, or even the gamepad.

You can even play more games and use multiple gaming accounts at the same time by running multiple instances at once.

NoxPlayer also has a macro function so you will be able to record some complex combinations and run the script with just one click.



NoxPlayer is a solid Android emulator that is fully optimized to work with your Windows 10 PC.

4. Reinstall Bluestacks

If you keep getting a black screen while trying to run Bluestacks, perhaps the problem is related to your installation. Sometimes your Bluestacks installation might be damaged, and that can cause this issue to appear.

To fix the problem, it’s advised to uninstall Bluestacks completely from your PC, and then install it again.

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

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Removing an application is quite simple, but if you want to completely remove it, we advise you to use uninstaller software such as IObit Uninstaller.

In case you don’t know, uninstaller software is a special application that will completely remove the selected application along with all of its files and registry entries.

By using IObit Uninstaller, you’ll ensure that there aren’t any leftover files that can interfere with future installations.

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5. Run Bluestacks with integrated graphics

Black screen in Bluestacks can sometimes appear if you have both dedicated and integrated graphics processor. Several users reported that they fixed the problem simply by setting Bluestacks to run with integrated GPU.

To do that, you just have to right-click the Bluestacks shortcut and choose the option to run it with integrated graphics. If this method works, you’ll have to repeat it every time you want to start Bluestacks.

If you want to configure Bluestacks to run always powered by your integrated GPU, you need to make a couple of changes in your graphics card control panel software.

Simply locate Bluestacks in Nvidia Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center and assign your integrated graphics as the default graphics processor.

Bear in mind that your integrated graphics doesn’t offer the same performance as dedicated graphics, so you might not be able to achieve the same performance in games while using your integrated graphics.

Do you have the BlueStacks Blue Screen of Death errors? Fix it with this guide

6. Turn off the sleep timer

According to users, sometimes a black screen appears simply because Bluestacks goes to sleep. This usually occurs after a minute or two or when loading certain games.

To fix this problem, users are suggesting installing the Settings app on Bluestacks and use the app to turn off the sleep timer. Once you disable the sleep timer, check if the problem is still there.

7. Turn off the Threaded optimization

  1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Select Manage 3D Settings from the left pane, click the Program Settings tab and select Bluestacks from the list (if it’s not there, click the Add button and select Bluestacks Frontend).
  3. Locate Threaded optimization on the list and set it to Off. Click Apply to save changes.
    threaded optimization nvidia control panel bluestacks black screen

After making these changes, check if the problem is still there. If you’re using AMD graphics, you should have the same options available in the Catalyst Control Center.

8. Reinstall the app you’re trying to run

Sometimes this problem can appear in Bluestacks if there’s a glitch with the application you’re trying to run. To fix the problem, users are suggesting to reinstall that app and check if that helps.

Simply remove the app that is giving you this problem and reinstall it. After doing that, the app should be able to start without any problems.

We hope that one of our solutions helped you fix the problem with Bluestacks. If you have any suggestions or additions, please write them in the Comments section below.

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my bluestacks used to run ok but today it is not.bluestacks itselfs opens fast and smooth but when i try to open any app or game it doesnt open ,instead only a black screen appreas and my bluestacks crashes