Your browser does not support HTML5 video [EXPERT FIX]

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Your browser does not support html5 video

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Many Windows 10 users reported encountering an issue while trying to play HTML5 videos in their browser.

The error message Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available interrupts the videos from loading.

The culprit behind this inconvenience is usually Adobe Flash Player. As the internet browsers often use Adobe Flash to run HTML5 videos, a check on Flash Player’s activity is recommended.

Here’s how one user described the issue on Microsoft Answers forum:

When I try to play HTML5 videos in IE9, I get the message that “Your browser does not support HTML5 video”.
NONE of the videos are supported as the video frames give messages that state:
Your browser cannot play H.264 high profile content with the HTML5 video element.
How can I fix this?

We managed to come up with a series of solutions to help you run HTML5 videos in your Internet browser.

What to do if your browser does not support HTML5 video?

1. Install/update Adobe Flash Player

    1. First of all, you need to make sure that you have Adobe Flash Player installed and up to date on your PC.
    2. Press the Start button > open the Control Panel.
    3. Expand the View By drop-down box > Select Large Icons.
      large icons control panel your browser does not support html5 video
    4. Click Flash Player.
    5. Select the Updates tab > click Check now.
      updates check now your browser does not support html5 video
    6. Click the Player Download Center link > choose Install
    7. Open the downloaded Flash Player installation file
    8. Follow the steps required for the install > restart your browser.

2. Try a different browser

UR Browser your browser does not support html5 video

If you’re having this problem with your browser, perhaps you should consider switching to a new browser. UR Browser is heavily focused on user privacy and security, and it offers the same customization and extensions as Chrome. Unlike Chrome, this browser is a lot faster, and you won’t have any issues with HTML5 videos while using it.

Editor's recommendation
ur browser
  • Fast page loading
  • VPN-level privacy
  • Enhanced security
  • Built-in virus scanner

3. Disable add-ons

  1. Click the Three dots icon in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Select More tools > choose Extensions.
    chrome extensions your browser does not support html5 video
  3. Find the extension that you want to block and click the toggle switch next to it. If it turns gray, it means that you disabled it.

4. Add plugins to support your browser

add plugins browser your browser does not support html5 video

  1. Download Windows Media Player plugin for your browser.
  2. After installing the plugin, restart your browser and then try loading HTML5 videos.

5. Modify the video link

modify video link your browser does not support html5 video

  1. All you need to do is change watch?=v with embed/ in the link tab.
  2. For example:

We hope that our solutions could come in handy for you in fixing this issue. Leave a comment in the comment section below if it worked for you.



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