FIX: Browser goes online, but not on Steam or Discord

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  • If your browser can go online but not on Steam or Discord, it is most likely because of issues with your browser's settings.
  • Using a different browser that is more reliable and not so prone to errors, could easily fix this issue.
  • Another quick fix if your browser is not working properly on Steam or Discord is to make sure that you have the latest version installed.
  • Malware and viruses have been shown to slow things down and stop the apps from working, so make sure to check your device following the steps indicated in this guide.
Discord cuts off

Whether you are using Steam or Discord having, having a good user experience even if you are using them in your Windows 10 device browser is essential.

Unfortunately though, not all browsers will offer the same experience with using these services, as many users have reported.

We will explore in this article the easiest ways to fix this issue ensuring that you will have a better user experience moving forward.

What can I do if my browser goes online, but not on Steam or Discord?

1. Use a different browser

Anytime your current browser shows signs of not working properly or to the extend you need it to, then switching to another one is usually a good idea.

Opera GX is our recommendation since it comes with fantastic features and is error free when it comes to Steam or Discord.

Since this browser is one of the best web browser for gamers the built in features, such as Razer Chroma and GX Control will ensure that your browser won’t interfere with your gaming session.

Moreover, all the features Opera has are also included in Opera GX, including the ad and tracking blocker as well as the VPN option.

With the Twitch integration you’ll also be able to watch way faster and better your favorite steams.

Opera GX

Opera GX

The most reliable and error free browser that will enhance your Steam and Discord user experience.

2. Update your browser

Is not uncommon for this issue to happen especially if your browser is out of date. Make sure to check in the settings for any new releases.

If you find a new version available, make sure to press the update button and allow the browser to finish the process.

Afterwards is recommended that you restart your device and afterward try using Discord again.

3. Clear the browser cache

  1. Click on the Open menu button.
  2. Select Options to open the tab.
  3. Next, click Privacy on the left side of the Options tab.
  4. Click the Clear Data option.

4. Scan your device

scan your system for malware

Another possibility to why your browser can go online but not Steam or Discord is related to viruses or malware from your device.

We recommend that you perform a scan in order to see if there are malware. Once your antivirus scans your device, make sure to quarantine and restart your PC afterwards.

Although it can be very frustrating not being able to connect to Steam or Discord with your browser, there are a few easy steps that you can make in order to solve this issue.

Let us know in the comments section bellow which solution worked best for you, we would love to hear it.

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