Rhythm Games Online: Best Ones to Play Unblocked & Free

It's time to test your ability to follow a rhythm

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  • Browser rhythm games are a subset of games that do not require any hardware other than your computer and a simple browser. 
  • There are many great browser options for gaming, and as long as you use a modern web browser, you'll be able to run these games. 
  • All games listed below will be great options to try and improve your rhythm abilities. 
browser rhythm games
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Rhythm games are music-themed games that test your ability to follow a rhythm. These games usually revolve around dancing or simulated musical instruments, and you are required to push buttons in a particular order. 

Browser rhythm games are a subset of browser games that only require you to have an updated browser to enjoy the gameplay.

These games also fall into the category of browser games that you can play with friends, and in this article, we discuss some of our favorites.

To learn about the different excellent browsers, read our guide on the five best browsers for gaming. 4K web browser rhythm games will no longer be a challenge, and remember that your searches regarding online rhythm games have only started.

What is the best rhythm game right now?

The best rhythm game right now is Guitar Hero. The game started this genre and is still the best title you can play and have fun with.

With a little skill and a plastic guitar, you become a guitar hero playing in front of a crowd that will boo you off the stage if you miss too many chords.

However, our selection of games below doesn’t require any accessories, so you’re good to go.

Can you play rhythm games on PC? That might be the question that you have in mind as well. You can play rhythm games on any device and platform, including the PC.

Some games imply using the keyboard, while others challenge you to click on the correct elements to achieve your goals.

What is the best browser to play rhythm games?

You can play rhythm games on any browser if it features HTML5, WebGL, and other online game engines.

However, the best browser that we recommend is Opera GX. It’s made for gaming, and you can concentrate on your play without distractions.

It has excellent support for all the latest technologies, is updated very often, and allows you to draw all necessary resources and concentrate them on your gaming.

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What are good browser rhythm games?

In this article

Bemuse – Great piano-like game

browser rhythm games

Bemuse is a browser / web-based, online rhythm game. It is played by tapping the proper keyboard keys while listening to the music. You score higher by duplicating the playing music correctly.

In this game, you have more than 40 songs to pick from in various genres.

The game has an online ranking system, and you’ll have to fight for the top score. In addition, it has a party mode, which is fantastic for playing games with friends.

All you need to do is connect your MIDI keyboard or gaming control, connect your headphones, and get even more enjoyment out of Bemuse.

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You may play this web-based rhythm game on any OS with the newest version of Chrome installed, and there is no need to install any other software or plugins.

Additional features:

  • Multiple difficulties
  • Adjustable speed
  • Fully key-sounded

Play Bemuse

Rhythm Plus – Easy to learn

browser rhythm games

Rhythm Plus is another excellent option that is easy to learn and play. You play the game by tapping on the keys of your keyboard and will start with the keys F, D, K, and J.

It is categorized as a VSGR (vertical scrolling rhythm game) since the song notes are dropped from the top of your screen to the bottom.

With this game, you are able to share any of the songs used. Also, to make the game more fun, you are allowed to import your songs and they will be used as part of the game.

Players can register with FaceBook and share their scores and progress with friends.

Additional features:

  • Song chart support
  • Multiple tracks
  • Multi-device sharing

Play Rhythm Plus

Chainsaw-dance – Great dancing game

browser rhythm games

Chainsaw Dance is yet another free rhythm browser game based on the manga series Chainsaw Man.

To stay alive, you have to button-bash through various complex melodies while keeping your health meter filled up.

Chainsaw Dance is based on a popular game called Friday Night Funkin’, and the two games share similar music.

Because it is centered around your listening experience, the aesthetics are minimal yet incredibly appropriate for the game. The new soundtrack will keep you glued to your keyboard.

There are no positive or negative aspects to the game; it’s just a competition to see who can be the fastest to relax with the soundtrack. Each song is appropriate for this chainsaw dance concept.

Additional features:

  • Cool pixelated visuals
  • Difficult and easy modes
  • Multiple tracks

Play Chainsaw-dance

Drum Beats – Touchscreen support

browser rhythm games

This free rhythm browser game is aimed at kids and allows them to learn rhythm while playing a digital taiko drum and old Japanese melodies.

You can choose whatever song you’d like to sing along to. You may either click the screen or use the keyboard’s M, V, N, and B keys to strike the right edge, left edge, right side, and left side of a virtual taiko drum as the notes approach the time marker. You can get additional points by doing a drum roll for a long bar.

Mount Fuji (Fujji No Yama), Cherry Blossoms (Sakura), Kitten of My Home (Uthi No Koneko), Blacksmith of the Village (Murano Hajiya), Blue Eye Doll (Aoime No Nintyou), and Kite Song are among the songs available the game.

You may navigate among songs by clicking N or B, or you can start the game by pressing both buttons.

Additional features:

  • Great sound simulation
  • Advanced scoring system
  • Additional points easy to get

Play Drum Beats

Geometry Dash – Great arcade game

browser rhythm games

Geometry Dash is a relaxing rhythm browser game played on mobile devices and PC through your browsers.

The game’s principle is simple: the player must keep a block alive as it swerves through a labyrinth of rhythmically synchronized obstacles that should be avoided with increasing precision.

This game also has several peer materials, so there’s a lot to do for such a little game.

Geometry Dash’s broad availability and straightforward control scheme have won it a committed audience, despite the fact that it lacks the ultra-complex score systems of several other popular rhythm games. Those features make it ideal for newbies to rhythm games in general.

Additional features:

  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Easy controls
  • Complex scoring scheme

Play Geometry Dash

Friday Night Funkin’ – Nice graphics

browser rhythm games

Friday Night Funkin’ is already causing a stir in the rhythm game community due to its quick popularity, retro appearance, and simple gameplay.

Despite having a structure that is comparable to Pump It Up or Dance Dance Revolution, Friday Night Funkin’ stands apart due to its moddability.

This one is created for individuals who grew up squandering hours on websites like Newgrounds, but although the graphics are undeniably appealing, the gameplay is also not to be sniffed at, and the broad selection of accessible modifications keeps you coming back.

To play, press the arrow or WASD keys, or switch to DFJK in the settings menu.

Additional features:

  • Sleek retro look
  • Great graphics
  • Easy control integration

Play Friday Night Funkin’

Taiko – Fun and addictive

browser rhythm games

Don-chan embarks on a grand journey that will take him across space and time, saving the earth from weird happenings throughout the globe!

In this rhythm game combat, you will face giant bosses, over 250 creatures, and enemy drums by linking your combinations to do severe damage.

You may grow your squad by analyzing the characteristics of the creatures you’ve vanquished and inviting them to join your team to assist you in taking on formidable adversaries.

You’ll be drumming till it becomes a part of you with more than 130 tracks, including six new songs like Gurenge.

Additional features:

  • Vast song list
  • Guest characters
  • Great graphics

Play Taiko

Explore the world of unblocked rhythm games

Most people playing online games are gamers on a budget. So, it is logical to explore all the free options for browser games. All the games on this list are 100% free to play.

However, there are many paid options as well. If you think you can afford it, you must know that the paid options often have better functionality.

Since the teams are better funded, you will probably have quicker access to support and material about the game online.

Some of the rhythm games have blocked levels and some don’t let you access some levels because the songs are not available for your country.

But if you have this problem, you can circumvent it by using one of the best VPNs for gaming and bypass the geolocation restrictions.

The browser rhythm games on this list are written in no particular order; they are simply among our favorites to play, and now you can play them as well.

All you need is a modern browser, and you are good to go. In case you are interested in finding more games, visit our best itch.io browser games guide as well.

Let us know in the comments which of the games on our list are your favorites.

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